I Never Stopped Acting But Was Only Dealing With Depression- Alex Okoroji


Alex Okoroji who has been missing in the acting world has
said, she never stopped acting, but took time off to take care of her child and
she also had to deal with depression. Well Alex thinks some people have been telling producers who are willing
to call her to work, that she has quit acting and doing something entirely
different now and she has a word of advice for them. Below is what she sent in…

“Who said I have stopped acting to become a blogger?
And I no longer live in Lagos. Hahahah. People sef and their pull me down
syndrome. Just because I spent a few years away raising my child + dealing with
depression… and I’m not all over the place seeking attention doesn’t mean I
have dumped my first love. How can you tell a producer who saw me on ‘spider’
that I no longer act.
Didn’t we shoot last year and the year before after I moved
back in 2011? Besides, I just got off a movie set with Stride Media and I’ve
shot two quality movies this year admist my other creative endeavours  and I’m quietly working on several other
projects. I try not to chase unnecessary 
hype because I honestly believe in my art speaking for me….As for my
blog “ALEXANDRA N’ HER N*KED THOUGHTS!” I consider it one of the many
mediums to express my creativity as I hate box myself. Its not just an ordinary
blog for its sake. It is a representation of my art from start to finish.   
And authorship is no small feat. Whether I
am acting, writing, presenting, recording voice overs or hosting events….all
of it are part of the same component for me because I’m an Artist through and
through and I prefer my work to speak. I’m willing and available to work in quality
productions  and share my talent with my
colleagues and other amazing talents within my industry.  As for those who are worried that I may have
left…Ha! Not a chance…Trust me Lovelies, a true Artiste never leaves their
craft.  You’ll definitely see a lot more
of me on your screen. Kisses!‎”

Alex Okoroji

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