Wednesday, May 14, 2014

iReportersTv Founder Invited To An Exclusive Meeting With Google

                                               Henry O and one of the Google Managers
In a recent Exclusive Event for top Digital marketers and publishers in Europe, Mr Henry O the founder of iReportersTv, which is the largest platform in the world for African Videos, was invited to meet and share ideas with some of the top management team in Google and with some other top publishers and CEOs.

On this event, some hidden strategies on publishing, online user behavioural trends and the future of content creation and distribution among other things was discussed.

This is the second event that the iReportersTv Boss has been invited to in the last 2 months with leaders in the Digital marketing world.

The first was in San Francisco where he met with Founders, CEOs and Directors of some known Fortune 500 companies to discuss the future of Digital marketing.

iReportersTv is the largest video blogging platform for African content. It streams an average of 30 Million views monthly from 189 countries. It has 3k registered partners and 583 active partners who earn above $1000 monthly (one hundred and sixty thousand naira).

iReporterstv has 2 partnership programs that enables content creators and publishers earn money online.
The first is the independent producers programme known as ”iProducers”. With this, any content creator can create their own video blog, upload videos and get paid each time someone clicks to watch the video.

It is the first pay per view online TV channel or Video blogging platform for African content creators in the world.
The second partnership programme; the independent promoters programme also known as “iPromoters”  allows those that have a huge following online, either on Facebook, Twitter or via their blog to make a ton of cash online.

All they need do is share videos they like with their fans, followers or readers. As these visitors click to watch these videos, they the iPromoters get paid.

The iPromoters programme is currently the second highest paying monetization programme for bloggers, Facebook fan page or Twitter page owners on the web next to Google Adsense.

Last month, iReportersTv unveiled a new product called the iReportersTv Ad widget. Its founder Mr Henry O said it will help most bloggers increase their revenue with their existing blog traffic.

Some bloggers who have tested and implemented this Ad Widget have received some very good CPM rates.

The Ad widget works like Google Adsense code. You copy and paste it on your site, then log in to your dashboard to select videos you want to share with your blog visitors.

As visitors click to watch these videos, you earn. iReportersTv have plans to include ads from some of the top global brands and advertisers on the ad widget soon.

With this programme in place, bloggers in African will not only make money from Google Adsense but can also integrate iRtv Ads to further monetise their blog or social media traffic.

Thumbs up to Mr Henry O who is setting a trend and creating jobs for the talented youths in Africa.

To learn more about iReportersTv partnership programme click here >>
                                  Henry O in a Selfie with the Google Team in London
                                       Sample ads taken from iReportersTv Ad Widget


  1. He needs to run an advert for closeup

  2. Thank You Mr Henry O. After Adsense banned me, thought it was the end of Online business for me. But you made it possible for me to make money from my blog. Thank you once again and thank you to your team

  3. the guy really has vision and he will surely get there

  4. This is amazing

  5. The is the type of people that should be in our society that will have positive influence on the younger generation

  6. My role model

  7. Mr Henry has spoken to me before... He is a rich Nigerian genius but unlike many people we know.... he is very Humble and respectful. He inspires you to do great things. May God bless you sir and continue to give you more ideas to soar higher. I am your FAN for Life