Must Watch! Pranking Gone Wrong In India


Hahaha you will just love this video. A guy trying to promote his youtube channel, decided to prank his dad in his new video that he got his girlfriend that is father never liked pregnant. Before telling his dad, he said dad please promise me you won’t hit me, if I tell you what I am about to say, his dad instead of promising replied and said what is the problem? Lol.

And after saying it, his dad got up and started kicking, slapping and hitting him so hard. A lot of people criticized his dad for his action, and instead of agreeing with them, he came back and edited the post and wrote;

Edit : To our friends in other/this country. Please keep your shitty judgments to yourselves, this guy has hit me for the first time in his life. Go tell your dad that you have got an underage girl pregnant and enjoy how he congratulates you. I took the beating just for the sake of this video.

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