Friday, May 2, 2014

Photo: Barber Stabs Graduate To Death During Football Match

                                                                    Late Saheed
When on Wednesday 29-year-old Saheed Badmus went to a viewing centre on Lamina Street, Egbe, Lagos State, to watch the UEFA Champions League semi-final match between Chelsea Football Club and Atletico Madrid, little did he know that was the last match he would ever watch.

Punch Metro learnt that the graduate of Ekiti State Polytechnic was stabbed to death by a barber identified only as Yemi, during an argument that broke out at the viewing centre.

Our correspondent, who visited the scene on Thursday, observed a large crowd on the street talking about the incident.

Saheed’s friends took our correspondent to a portion of the street where spinkles of Saheed’s blood could be seen.

They told PUNCH Metro that passions were high at the viewing centre as most of the Chelsea fans were desperate to see their team qualify.

It was learnt that during the match, Saheed stood up and Yemi shouted at him and told him to sit down as he was blocking him from viewing the match on the screen.

An elderly man was said to have cautioned Yemi against shouting, but Yemi insulted the elderly man.

A friend to the deceased, Muyideen Waheed, told our correspondent that an argument then ensued between the barber and Saheed.

He said, “Yemi was shouting and one elderly man told him to keep quiet, but he shouted the man down. Saheed then cautioned against shouting at an elderly man. Yemi attacked him.

“The owner of the centre pushed both Yemi and Saheed out of the place and locked them out.”

It was learnt that once they got outside, Yemi picked up a bottle from a nearby pub and stabbed Saheed.

It was learnt that as Saheed ran for his life, Yemi chased him and then stabbed him in the face.

Waheed told PUNCH Metro that when some of the viewers came out, they saw the deceased’s lying in a pool of blood.

He said they rushed him to two hospitals, but he was rejected.

He said, “There was power failure and everywhere was dark. Most of us were inside the viewing centre, so we did not hear Saheed scream. When we came out, we saw him lying in a pool of blood. We rushed him to Obeeh Hospital, but he was rejected. We then took him to Bisalam Hospital, but he was referred to Igando General Hospital.

“On getting to Igando, he was pronounced dead.”

Residents described Yemi as a violent man who had on several occasions attacked youths in the area.

While lifting up his shirt, Waheed said, “You see this scar on my chest. It was a stab wound inflicted on me by Yemi.”

Our correspondent, who visited Saheed’s mother’s house, learnt that he was her youngest son.

The mother, Isiwatu, while weeping profusely, said she was pained that she did not live to reap the fruit of her labour.

“My son was a gentle man. We lived together and he was responsible. I still saw him on Wednesday before he went to watch the match. I struggled to send him to school and now, all is wasted. He had no wife and child.

“Yemi has stolen my joy and I want him arrested and sentenced to death for his crime. This was not a case of two people fighting. It was  an outright murder.”

It was learnt that after killing the deceased, Yemi fled to his father’s home, but his father alerted the police and he was arrested by policemen from the Ikotun Police Division.

When our correspondent visited the police station, Yemi was seen writing his statement.

Yemi’s father, who refused to identify himself, described his son as a troublemaker and wondered where he got the behaviour from.

He said, “I hardly see my son. Sometimes, I don’t see him for as long as three months. He just came to my house last night (Wednesday), crying. He told me that he had stabbed someone at a viewing centre.

“I reported him to the police. I don’t know why he went to watch the match in the first place. What kind of trouble is all this?


  1. Ikunle abiyamo

    1. Bad anger

    2. Poor guy....what a horrible way to die. Yemi's father is an honourable man for reporting him to the police. I really don't understand why private hospitals reject injured people....isn't medicine all about saving lives? Isn't that part of the oath doctors if there's no general hospital nearby, an injured person loosing blood by the second should be left to die? May God console Iya Saheed.
      #Bringbackourgirls- A Call To Prayer For The Chibok Girls- click my name to read more.

    3. The bloody hospitals should be closed down and sued for their negligence. Has Fashola not warned and passed a bill that under no circumstances should any hospital reject a patient? Whether sick, injured, gun shot victims, and even armed robbers .. should be attended to upon getting to them. So many people av died because some hospitals seek police reports before admittance. So sad and inhumane. Treat them first and then request whatever u wish later on. Some of the hospitals that reject patients on the basis that they r not equipped to treat emergencies should be bloody closed down because they are no good. Nurses just sleep or watch Afmag while their doctors are at home. Some do not even have common oxygen for first aid. Nonsense

  2. So sad. Bring up a child in the way he should go..............


  3. Metcheeew, tufia ! All in the name of football DERA MI

  4. his father did well. othhers will try to cover up.

  5. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

  6. It's a pity

  7. He should be killed too

  8. Nemesis ha finally caught up with Yemi!

  9. Nemesis has finally caught up with Yemi!

  10. Lord mercy,may his soul RIP

  11. He's damn crazy

  12. may his soul rest in peace,because of foot ball a vibrant young man has lost his life,please stay at home and watch your match or better still avoid trouble while watching.

  13. Beauty overdose02 May, 2014 15:20

    He should also be stabbed to death

  14. Government needs to ban public viewing of UEFA champions league. It causes brings more damage than joy. Especially from those touts that calls themselves Chelsea fans

  15. His father did the right thing by not covering him up

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  17. Yemi is obviously an angry chelsea fan

  18. RIP. Please let us always learn to mind our business

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  21. Chelsea fans are just like their coach trouble makers,noise maker.Before Jose era chelsea fan were never violent.Yemi should be make to face the law.

  22. na wa oh....all in the name of football, for people that don't even know you exist self

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