The Evolution- Album Drops 29th Of May, 2014


The anticipation is finally over! One of Africa’s freshest
hit making music labels, Made Men Music Group, has released the first official group
album titled, ‘The Evolution’. The Evolution is a title that makes reference to
the portrayal of how the artistes have evolved the industry through their new
age sound and production.

Label CEO Ubi Franklin referred to ‘The Evolution’, as
a gift to fans through music across Africa and the world. International singing
sensation, Iyanya, who is also a co-owner of the label expressed that,
“This project portrays the different talent that we possess within our
camp through music production and vocal range, and I’m very honored to be a
part of this Album and the Triple MG enterprise.”

Iyanya, who never disappoints on a record, made his vocal
presence felt on songs like ‘Mr. Oreo’ and ‘Poko’, hammering home the point
that he remains one of a few artistes in Africa who has the ability to sing and
switch his style which enables him to entertain at the same time.
The Evolution shines the spotlight on all the acts on the
label, giving a glimpse of their varying talents. Iyanya and Emma Nyra, are joined
by new recruits Selebobo, Tekno Miles and Baci. With something on the album for
every music fan, ‘The Evolution’ is a celebration of the current genres of
popular music that ranges from, Afrobeats, Afropop, Highlife, Hip Hop and
R&B, which are all enjoyed by African music lovers.  This debut album also ensures that all the
different sounds of music are served to the public covering everything from the
dance floor (up tempo), to the bedroom (slow tempo). Through singles like ‘Say
Yeah’ featuring the entire stable, this album guarantees listeners the
opportunity to enjoy Triple MG’s stars at their music making best.
The 14-track Evolution Album also portrays a different side
to Triple MG’s First Lady, Emma Nyra, who is known for her incredible vocal ability.
On tracks like ‘Amigo’ and ‘Zamina’, the s*xy singer shows why she is touted as
one of the top female voices in the business giving fans a reason to click the
repeat button over and over again.
Bursting onto the music scene, are two fantastic young
artistes named Selebobo and Tekno Miles, who portray their production skills
within the camp, and are both key elements in the arrangement and selection of
beats, which makes for an awesome listening experience for the fans. Selebobo,
who is well known within the music industry as a singer/producer, took his all
round quality to another level while displaying key elements of why he was snatched
up by the record label through songs like ‘Poko’ and ‘Asampete’. Tekno Miles,
who is another fresh signee is able to portray his vocal range on songs like,
‘Ocho’, as well as his production prowess on the song.

Finally, the label introduces another fresh face to the camp
who goes by the name of Baci. Baci, who specializes in Pop and R&B, is able
to show off his range in the first single off the album entitled, ‘Angelina’
which features vocal prowess from label-mate Iyanya to further entice fans.
Overall, ‘The Evolution’ is a project that will display the genuine love of music
that each of these artistes represents from each of their respected areas
throughout the diaspora. Music lovers are invited to sit back, relax, and enjoy
the official release of ‘The Evolution’ better known as Triple MG’s musical
gift to the world.
You can also check out the studio recording session for the album below.


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