Tuface Covers OK! Nigeria Magazine’s May Edition, Talks Marriage & Other Issues


Tuface is on the cover of OK! Nigeria Magazine’s may
edition. In this new edition, he spoke about music, marriage and having a new baby
in the house and also corrected the believe that all entertainers love light skinned
women. Read part of the interview after the cut.

On married life and having a baby in the house again: “So
far so good. We are still babies in the marriage institution so we are taking
it easy. We are learning something new every day within our marriage. Having a
baby in the house has definitely changed some things. I can’t do some things I
used to do like go out and not come back home the same night. Prior to having a
baby in the house, I could just go to a friend’s house and stay the night. But
now I have to take permission (laughs). It has definitely grounded me. It is a
good change though and I don’t miss the old days at all.”

On if marriage has changed anything about he and Annie’s
relationship: “Definitely! We understand and tolerate each other more.”
On what makes Annie and their union so special: “Wow. I
guess because she’s good peoples. That is the only one sentence I can use to
describe her. I hate the way she knows me so well.”
Why he didn’t go the Fela route and have 18 wives: “(Laughs)
One woman alone is a lot of trouble. Having 18 is a suicide mission. But I will
consider it. I will talk to Annie and ask her if she can compromise (laughs).”

About DJ Xclusive saying Nigerian men prefer light skinned
ladies: “I think that is his own preference. He can’t just generalise like
that. In Nigeria, there are men that like big women and some that like skinny
women. Same way I know so many guys that only go for dark skinned women, and being light skinned is a
turn off for them, I also know some men that prefer light skinned women. Most
of the women that I have dated are dark skinned so I guess you can say that is
my own preference, which is good as my wife is actually dark skinned too, so no
worries there.”

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