You Should Be More Concerned About Taking Care Of Your Existing Children – Ms. Uduak Tells TeeBillz

Ms. Uduak is a blogger who blogs at and she thinks
instead of TeeBillz and his wife replying Etcetera’s article, TeeBillz should be
more focused on taking care of his existing children with another woman in L.A
or more drama would unfold. Below is her advice to the couple. She also
spoke about Funke Akindele and Mercy Johnson’s marriages too. Oh well…

In recent times, we have seen highly controversial weddings
among female celebrities. The issue to my knowledge, in the public domain, is
not whether these husbands were “second hand” husbands but rather whether they
fulfilled their responsibilities to their children or ex-spouses( where a prior
marriage was concerned) before attempting to remarry, okay perhaps Actress
Funke Akindele’s marriage might have been the exception to the rule; but that
was justified under Islamic religion where a man can have more than one wife.

However, more direct non-religious examples of controversial
weddings follow:
Take for example: 1) Mercy Johnson who married a man who was
allegedly still married in Italy, his Italian Nigerian wife even produced valid
marriage documents yet Mercy Johnson married him. To resolve that issue, the
man at the time of the wedding, and within 24hours, sought for a traditional
divorce of his Italian wife in Nigeria. The jurisdictional issue whether he was
still married in Italy remained. To date, we are unsure whether his wife in
Italy filed for a divorce. For the life of me, I can’t understand why anyone
will say ‘yes’ to a man that has not broken ties  from a previous marriage i.e. he is still married
with two kids. Divorce and marry, the law permits you to do so. Don’t take
someone to the altar while you are legally married to another, especially where
your soon to be wife allegedly has no clue.
The second example is the Tiwa Savage case. Tiwa Savage’s
marriage to T-Billz was controversial regardless of the luxurious weddings and
fan fare. Initially, most were very happy for her. She is the darling of the
industry. However, when a Nigerian-American Los Angeles based woman emerged on
the internet, complete with pictures of T-Billz with two children he fathered
by this woman, and accused T-Billz of not providing for his children and not
having contact with them for some years now, it became quite embarrassing to
watch and imagine that this was who Savage wanted to spend the rest of her life
with. To my knowledge, there was no explicit denial by T-Billz of the
accusations, rather, he made  a statement
on how he tries to be the best father.
Meanwhile, you had Tiwa Savage singing praises on how T-Billz
was the best and believed and invested in her when others wouldn’t.
If you all recall, I responded here on AML that, there was
mixing of business and pleasure. Your manager is supposed to believe in you and
invest in you the way that he does, even if you are a female artist, it is no
different than his investment in a male artist.
Anyway, fast forward, these two are now married and a
colleague writes an article that refers to her choice for a husband as a second
hand husband. While he does not name Tiwa and T-Billz, the clear inference
given the facts he cites is that he refers to them.
T-Billz and Tiwa in response are clearly hurt and have taken
to (instagram) to air their opinions. I am not sure Etcetera’s article
warranted a response. There will be many that will hold the opinion that
T-Billz is  a”second hand” husband. That
is their issue and prerogative. On the flip side, there will be many who do not
hold such opinion and can appreciate the role a manager has in the career of an
artist and that, but for his business sense and vision, the deals brokered and
the strategic placement of the Tiwa Savage brand,to become successful would not
have occurred. Arguably, that they happen to fall in love does not make him 2nd
I think the only thing T-Billz should be concerned about is
taking care of his existing children with the woman in L.A. so we don’t see
such spills on the internet making his private affairs with Tiwa one for
dissecting. He does have a duty to protect her, 
doesn’t he?


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