Abused By Aunt, Now A S*x Addict! Male Reader Writes

Hey Ladun, how are you doing today plus good job on the
I wish to use your medium to reach the world about my
predicament. When I was 12 my aunt moved in with us and she had to share the
same room with me. She was found of always kissing me on the lips and telling
me I have a lovely body and my P is kinda big for a boy of 12.
Then she took it further when i was 14. I returned home
after JSS3 terminal exams and on this fateful afternoon i was in the sitting
room playing PS when she called me to come and help her with something…when i
entered the room she had towel on and one way or the other she let it slip and
she was all n*ked in front of me.

I wanted to rush out but insisted i stay…that she want me
to help her apply rub on her back along the line she gave me head and we had
s*x and that was my first time…
We continued having s*x and later it became a nightly
ritual. I returned to school but always dreaming of home and as God will have
it mum decided its better i attend day school so she can monitor me as i grow
into puberty…
I was so happy and we continued our nightly rituals till i
clocked 18 and a few months when  she got
married, the first few months was hell as i have to masturbate before i can
sleep then i became a regular face in brothels that asawo calls me asawo boy..
I have really worked on myself and i am getting over my
addiction but the problem now is 3months ago i moved in with my aunt for my 1
year youth service, though her 3 kids and husband are lovely folks who loved
me..my aunt is at it again.

2 weeks ago her husband travelled and i do my best to avoid
going close but last night i was watching Algeria vs Russia when she walked
into the sitting room with a skimpy night dress with nothing under the
transparent green short gown… before i could compose myself she was all over
me on the chair and we had it all night…she apologised that it won’t
happen again this morning, but I feel i should move out before this lands me in

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