Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are We Practising Christianity Right In Nigeria? Ayodeji Alonge Writes

Before you criticize me. I am not a pagan. I believe God exist and he is Real. I believe in the birth and death of Jesus Christ. I believe Jesus Died for our sins. I also believe in Miracles.

But are we portraying him the right way.  I keep on thinking are we practising Christianity the write way. We keep on asking God to destroy demons, Keep on telling them to suffer, burn and die. We keep on casting them. But I believe we should ask God to touch their hearts and help them and convert them to do good and do away with their evil deeds.

What if your brother was an evil doer and someone cast them to die. Would you like it? They need help, not to die. Another thing I would like to correct is the mentality that if you go to church you are automatically a "Saint" Demons are in the church so as angels you know. There are many people that are just there physically but not spiritually present. Most youths come to church to chat with their friends and as so called "Set P" or "Yan". Most youths come to church to use Twitter, Instagram, Ping, WhatsApp. Etc.

Rather than listening to the sermon. The church is also a place of immorality both physically and mentally. Parents are also not left out they come to network and get contracts. They also do not want to be known as the church "stabber" but rather "The Holy Sister" or "The Holy Brother”.
I personally do not believe in cursing. Someone steals just a little thing like biro and you curse that their father will die. What did that person’s father do to you? Do they have to pay for the sin of their children? But most curses don't work.  If the person actually does wrong . God will punish them with what they deserve rather than us speaking against him or his family.

Most Pastors do not practice what they preach. They preach giving but they do not Give. The preach showing love but they do not show love. On every street there are at least 3 Churches (No Research Taken) I know of some pastors who do not get their power of miracles from God but from the Devil. The Pockets of the Pastors are getting fatter while the pockets of their members are slimmer.

When I was younger I used to have so much respect for pastors, preachers and evangelist. But as I grew older I began to think twice. These pastors keep on buying the best of cars and best of Planes. I have no problem with them driving good cars, But not extravagant cars and lifestyles. You see a pastor today buying 70 Million Naira Car. I am like are you going to die with this Car. Does a 70 million Car really add anything to your life. 

Some of their members don't even have enough to eat. I am not saying there are not pastors called up by God, Yes they are but they are getting extinct. You say you are running a "Christian School" Which is financed by the Church Money but the fees are the highest in Nigeria. The fees in Christian Schools are supposed to be subsidized with the same standard both internationally and nationally. Churches are supposed to set up free schools for the poor.

Most Sermons nowadays is about prosperity and breakthrough. Rather than holiness, doing the will of God and doing good in General like showing Kindness and Love. Yes by the Grace of God we shall be prosperous and we shall have Breakthrough.  

Tithe: That's a particular percentage of your income either disposable income or taxable income. What is the tithe actually used for? Is it used to enrich the life of the Pastor or the Less Privileged? Most Pastors use Convoys. What are you using Convoy for, is any one coming to kidnap you, are you a criminal? If you believe in God, God will protect you.

But if you believe in the power of the Nigeria Police and their Guns and so be it. For the women the Church is not the place for wearing your best "aso oke" "rura and buba" "ankara" "aso-ebi" keep that for the parties and weddings. Yes you can look Good. But do it in moderation and please dress decently.

I didn't say dress like "Sister Mary" but dress moderately. Church is a place to be humble and not show off.  Note the Church walk way is not a runway to model on.  The church is not a place to market your products or your services. The Church is being turned to a money making business venture instead of it being a place to improve the spiritual life of the people.

Some Pastors, Preachers and Evangelist are not called by God but sometimes in disguise of the Devil. There are so many fake pastors around. My advice is please watch the Church you go to and the lifestyles of the preachers and pastors. Also remember to do good always.


  1. My dear u jst made a point, sometimes is nt all abt going to church and bn a christian, is abt who u are! Church doesn't change u it only directs u.

    1. Church isnt the building, You are the Church. The change starts from the discovery of the real you in Christ!

    2. Christianity in Nigeria is becoming too expenses...

    3. Afi expenses naa

    4. THIS IS THE BEST ARTICLE I have seen in my life. To have another Nigerian I know not address the same issues I've been trying to address is a blessing. Keep preaching. Hopefully you'll make a difference.

  2. Brother .. You just looked for trouble , you are going to get the cursing and insult of your life for saying that .. Religion nowadays is not something you just talk about like that .. There are people who are willing to kill them selves for these pastors.. And then they wake up every morning and say shit about boko haram and al shabaab .. Religion is the biggest deception these days and people dont even see it..

    1. While u may be right I also have this to say. Esp to the poster. You have raised salient points that we are already aware of. However I do not agree that u should not wear ur best to church. We are to give God our best. If I can wear an expensive dress to my neighbours party, why not to the church to praise the one who made it possible for me to afford it? I hate to debate topics like this because it is a sensitive one. And an individual prerogative, but ur opinion shouldn't serve as a deterrent to others am afraid.

      Yes we have distractions in churches, but u can choose not to be distracted and focus our mind on what we seek. If u cannot connect with God in a certain church then change it and find elsewhere to worship.

      As for the binding and casting of demons. Well, if my brother is the demon and he chooses to continue to cause havoc in my life, then let the word of God condemn him here and/or in heaven. Even Jesus bind and cast demons so am I suppose to romance them so that they can kill me before my time?
      So what if after you've begged God to change them and they refuse, biko what am I to do? The word of God is clear and concise, and u can extract and adapt as u deem fit. The violent taketh it by force. Some demons do not need to be caressed, some need to be demolished with fire. Its like you haven't been hit strongly hence ur assertion.
      Go and ask people who have been victimised by the evils of this world and see whether they'll buy into your ideology of spiritual repentance when u are at the receiving end.

      Omo some household which crafts do not understand English mehn. So all these u are saying is because u still have eyes and hands to write...those who have been blinded and crippled by d witches and wizards of their households are regretting that they didn't act faster. As for ME, binding n casting continua.
      Abeg I dey comot

    2. Laduns biggest fan30 June, 2014 11:20

      Good comment, Sunshine.

    3. Just gotta love me some sunshine. U nailed it!!!

    4. Lmao@ should I romance them. Lolz

  3. Bold talk . In the like of Etcetera . Hmmm ........

  4. Good post mr/ miss.My say, may God forgives us all because not a single soul is left out of this accusations. God help us and touch our hearts then even the land will be healed and peace reign.

  5. Okay... i'll just answer the first part. the bible is very explicit on that... for we wrestle not against flesh and blood... but against principalities, against powers, against spiritual wickedness in high places.. Eph 6 v 12. So when we say die... we don't mean the human being exactly but the power backing up the evil. And sometimes the person eventually dies because he/she has refused to let the power go. And like my G.O says, if you let a witch kill you or be stopped by any "power", if the witch decides to surrender her life to Jesus, that's the end. She would be forgiven and she has a great chance of making heaven if she continues to live a holy life. So be wise. Stop them before they stop you.
    The thing is... there are battles to fight... we are Africans.. and there are lots of atrocities our fore fathers committed. they entered into many covenants and yokes. And we know what the bible says in Ex 20 v 5... tho the bible also says somfn in the book of Ez 18 v 2 - 3, there are still covenants to break... spirits to bind and cast... so our foundation is something we must really pray about because Ps 11 v 3 is also clear on that. Hence the need for warfare prayers that involve the use of "die", "break" and "be destroyed"... and when you tell a spirit to die(of course we all know spirits don't die) we are simply telling it to stop it's activity over our lives.... God bless you.

    1. Gid bless u for this.

    2. No one cares what you mean, it's still negative. Using God and burn in the same sentence just does not fly. Don't burn anything bless it. Tomorrow you people will attack gay people. Blind souls

    3. U well? Abi this matter get anytin to do with gay pple? If he dey pain u oya America dey call u and ur gang.respect urself o.

  6. I concur, this poster just said what has been on my mind for years. Religion is becoming a joke in this country.

    1. Thats where u miss it! Christianity isnt a religion, its a call to power, its a lifestyle...Jesus never preached abt religion, he preached about the lifestyle of the Kingdom. As a matter of fact, His greatest oppositions were religious leaders(Pharisees,Saducees,Jews etc)

    2. Christianity is a lifestyle. So true

  7. God help us

  8. U are right poster but remember its endtime n d bible quoted dt iniquity will abound and men shall be lovers of money n flesh instead of God. For eg, someone who goes to church will claim she has only one boyfriend she have sex with n therefore she isn't fornicating. Y, cos people no longer fear God not knowing that we are in the era of grace n it will soon expire. Wotever u do be it in secret or public, always have in mind that their is a God dt seeth all. If u still doubt their is God, say dis after me
    God in heaven the father of Jesus christ, I want to know you more cos am not sure of wot to believe, show me sign be it in d dream, vision or reality so that I can believe and be saved. Pray it with ur whole heart n the lord won't fail you.

  9. Some good points made by the writer. We are religiously trapped!

    1. I disagree with you

    2. No one cares tht you disagree. I'm very sure he's entitled to his opinion.

  10. Some good points made by the writer. We are religiously trapped!

  11. Some good points made by the writer. We are religiously trapped!

  12. Not all that calls lord! Lord wil enter into the kingdom of God. We are the church. Always do good @all tymes

  13. May the eyes of your understanding be enlightened. You're just spiritually ignorant and its deadly. That'sAll!

  14. some extent we are not sha
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  15. Psalm 143:3 says " none is innocent before Go". Lord Jesus Christ show and pour down your blood of mercy which speaket better things than that of Abel on us. Accept our abelic sacrifice and do not let us fall for the jealousy of Cain. Amen . Hope this settles all the arguments ladun?

  16. How many pastors preach about SALVATION??? But every pastor preach's bout prosperity, The truth is quite bitter come to think of it we are all worshipping money .#Deepthoughts

  17. Some men of God ar not real.

  18. Poverty is wat attach most Nigerians to GOD,if HE eradicate poverty 4 a week den we will se dat. Imagine somebody going to church Sunday to Sunday,y? Bcuz d prsn is jobless and goes to church bcuz he/she nids one and once is gotten church reduce to onece in a wk or doesn't go again @ll self dat wen u hear dem say I only rest on Sundays.

  19. Nice one! U just aired my thoughts! If the Church can perform Corporate Social Responsibility and give back to the Society, I think poverty will be eradicated to some extent, the poor and less privileged will have access to better infrastructure and the world will be a better place to live in. In the western world u c pagans making life better for the vulnerable i.e, Bill Gates (Agnostic) and co. But its quite unfortunate that the religious people have become worshipers of greed and selfishness

  20. Everyone here has made their point, above we should keep in mind that spiritual work is a personal and individual race. instead of looking at churches today, focus on your spiritual growth and pray for the body of christ and those yet to be saved.

  21. He made what point? Poster was just being judgmental and the bible teaches us not to judge that judgement is entirely for God. Leave pastors/men of God alone. If na ISLAM can you write rubbish
    about them?. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    #God answers all prayers#
    Happy moments - Praise God, Difficult moments-Seek God,
    Quiet moments -Worship God, Painful moments-Trust God,
    Every moment - Thank God.

  22. Dear Ladi,
    I would like to respond to this writer on the issues he/she raised in this article, so I ll appreciate it if you post my comment.
    On the issue of demons in paragraph 2:
    Does the writer expect christians to bless them n pray they get a slot in paradise?
    These fallen angels have been condemned to the lake of fire, as it is written in the bible.

    There is nothing wrong in brethren socializing in church n if that yields contracts so be it.

    On the subject of GiViNg:
    That a pastor doesnt give doesnt mean he brethren shouldnt! Doing the word shouldn't be dependent on whether your pastor does it as salvation is a personal race!
    As for the idea that pastors pocket is getting fatter: I ll say people dont reduce for giving.
    People should focus on REAL pastors & leave the FAKE ones!
    There is nothing wrong with a pastor (or anyone else) having the best of everything; what is extravagant to you may not be to others.
    Its not because a pastor has a PJ/fly 1st class that some of his brethren dont have food.
    Scripture shows us the way to prosper is to give!, the widow of zaraphat n solomon are excellent examples.
    As per Christians Schools:
    The new generation christian schools have been criticised a lot, but people forget that the staff of these skools unlike before aren't missionaries, they are paid reasonably well and their students say the accomodation n other services are of good quality as well. The school fees has been used to maintain these institutions.
    My people better soup as they say na Money kill am.
    Ladi n readers, have you guys noticed that most people that complain about these expensive skools dont still send their wards to the good old missionary skools most times! Also keep in view owing to lack of maintenance funds Govt took over most old missionary skools n in states like Anambara were the skools were returned to the churches, the churches still depend on govt handouts to run the skools.

    On prosperity:
    My people prosperity is an integral part of the gospel
    It written...healing to the sick and to preach the gospel to the poor...
    It is also written I wish ABOVE ALL THINGS (not most/somethings) that thou mayest PRrOSPER n be in health even as thy soul PROSPERETH.
    Note properity being mentioned 2x

    The bible says again "... bring ALL the tithes n offerings....., that there may be FOOD in my house.
    So you see God was clear what the function of the tithe is!
    The bible didnt exempt anyone from paying tithe, tithe is tithe, there is no separate bible for students, pastors, or working class people.
    As per convoys:
    Most pastors move with an entourage of people (pastors n brethren), to convey them you will need more than one vehicle. Nothing wrong there.

    As long as the outfit isnt inappropriate (skimpy etc) one can wear it to church. There is nothing wrong in wearing your highest quality clothes to church!
    People walking down the church aisles may not be showing off, the problem may lie in your perspective of them!

    Pls lets run our heavenly race right mbok.

  23. We all interprete the bible differently and it is a major problem. Well we all have our individual race on earth.

  24. I love hating men for complimenting my bust,cleavage,rear and whistling and never apologizing for dissing those guys.04 October, 2014 21:00

    The way the Bible is imposed on men today is a atrocity, Isaiah 29:21 wasnt supposed to be read out of context to mean throw his ass in jail if he compliments you cleavage,rearend, and breasts.