Between The Tools, The Use And You – By Sydney Ugbeda

One thing I will always emphasize here is the fact that we
are all creative, we are only different in dimension. Whatever field of
endeavor you find yourself, it’s a platform to utilize your personal
creativity. Whether you are in banking, engineering, accounting, pastoring,
sports, baking and cooking, farming, whatever it is that you do presently, you
can utilize your creative potential.
The most valuable resource you have to be creative is not
the tool that you use, it is YOU. You are the most important factor in the
creative process. A lot creative professionals are always on the look for an
advance tool to create what they create.

Graphic artist looking out for the
latest version of softwares, photographers looking out for the new technology
in cameras. Tools don’t create, people do. You leverage on tools to make your
job better and faster. Your focus should be on how you can upgrade your creativity,
your ability to create not just to upgrade the tools.

Don’t get me wrong, using the latest version of whatever
tool you use is necessary, but it won’t necessarily make you more creative.
It’s important that you upgrade your tools but what’s crucial is that you
upgrade your skills. Become better than your previous self. Deliver your job
Become more creative, doing what you do differently and with
excellence, focus on developing your creative ability. Locked up in your skull
in the most powerful creative force – your brain. Invest a lot resources to its
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Sydney Ugbeda is a creative entrepreneur, trainer and
speaker. He coaches and facilitates personal creativity and skills mastery.
Follow him on twitter @sydollar or visit, Instagram

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