Can I Still Find True Love- Divorced Female Reader


Hello Ladun,

I would appreciate if you could post this on your blog
plsssssss. Could you please don’t publish my email address.
I am a 31 year old female with no kids who is unfortunately
divorced. Before LLbers chop off my head, the divorce was not because I did
anything wrong ooooh. I fought and did everything to make my marriage work but
my ex-husband was a nightmare and stole turned broke me badly.

Anyways, my question is this: knowing how we Nigerians can be
very judgemental of divorced women, what do you think are my chances of ever finding
true love again and getting married? 
Is there anyone here who has been through a divorce (female
please) and remarried? How easy was it to find someone who was willing to go
all the way with you?
Men in the house, would you marry a woman who has been
married before?
Parents, would you allow your son marry a Nigerian woman who
has been previously married?
No, I am not desperate to marry again but I have somehow gotten
myself to believe that I am never going to find true love again and I really want
to hear that I might be wrong. It’s tough having your love life end at 31.

I know the stigma attached with being a female divorcee in Nigeria
and it really saddens me cos not everyone who has a failed marriage actually
deserves the treatment we get.

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