Friday, June 6, 2014

Learn To Code; Build Web & Native Mobile Apps

This hopefully comes as good news to those who dream to build the next big thing; who have the ideas to build web or native mobile apps floating through their minds.

Lagos App Developer Bootcamp by Webfactory commences on 5th July 2014. This is an 8 Weekend intensive and interactive training sessions designed for aspiring web/mobile app developers and tech entrepreneurs. No prior technical or programming knowledge is required to attend the Bootcamp other than general web surfing.

Date: 5th July - 23rd August 2014 - Venue: Lagos Digital Village, Alausa-Ikeja, Lagos.  For further detail and registration visit For more enquires call; 08025360435


  1. Nice one. I love this.


  2. Lack of electricity is the reason why there are not a lot of tech start up companies in Nigeria. how can average kid in Nigeria can learn how to code on there computers at home if there is no steady electricity. Google, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Reddit, microsoft and so many tech giants started by individuals at the basement of there houses and school dorm because the have access to 24hrs of electricity daily. but you can't say the same thing in Nigeria.

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