Monday Motivation: The War Between Your Mind, The Reality & You. By Sydney Ugbeda

There is
this constant war between what’s on ground and what your mind is telling you.
You are inspired, especially if you manage to attend one of these new
generation churches on a regularly basis or you listen to one these
motivational speakers. You want to believe that in the future things will be
better but what you are seeing in the present is saying the opposite. How do
you deal with that? Continue below…

reality is not your friend, that is one thing you should know before anything
else. What you should focus on is the truth. The truth about your situation.
That is what you should focus on. The reality will only tell you your
limitations and your inability to get this done and will show you the things
you need but lack, while the truth is telling you about the future, your
potential, the things your are capable of doing and having.
reality will only drain your energy when you focus on it, while the truth will
set you free, empower you to bring about your dreams and aspirations.
What is
the truth?
The truth
is that your are more than this, no matter how far you think have gone or how
well you think you are doing, you are more than this. You have what it takes to
achieve that dream in your heart. You possess the creative ability to start
that business, to bring that idea into reality.
You might
not have the finance, the connections and the necessary resources to startup
that idea in the reality, but if only you will embraces the truth which is:
everything you need to succeed have been made available, just believe in
yourself and push on, the doors of favour, possibilities and infinite help
shall be opened.
Train your
mind to see beyond the reality and recognize the truth.
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Ugbeda is a creative entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. He coaches and
facilitates personal creativity and skills mastery. Follow him on twitter
@sydollar or visit, Instagram @supersyd1

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