Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nigerian Agent Caught On Camera Charging To Fix Matches

                                The  Sun                                                             Henry Okoroji
Just few days after the National Crime Agency (NCA), looked into match-fixing allegations that surrounded the international friendly match between the Super Eagles and the Tartan Army of Scotland, Agent Henry Chukwuma Okoroji has been caught on camera claiming he could arrange a yellow card for more than £41,000 and a penalty for £81,000, during the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil to an undercover reporter of The Sun.

He told the reporter, he could fix matches and organise certain outcomes at the tournament which kicks off this month.

To convince the reporter he invited Super Eagles midfielder Ogenyi Onzai to the meeting, though reports say Ogenyi isn’t involved in the scam) to confirm his authenticity.

Police are currently investigating the video.


  1. A lot of footballers are into drug trafficking, people dnt just know

  2. Uhhh....this can't be good...

  3. He just succeeded in painting Nigeria black again

  4. Wey the video?

  5. So disgraceful

  6. IBO/Biafra people... their greed for money will ruin Nigeria eventually..they really should start carrying biafras passport

    1. You sound like someone who went through secondary school and dropped off to become an apprentice. Think before you have no brain.