Oral S*x Is Also S*X, Another Reader Replies Sender Of Last READER’S MAIL

I have been trying to find
inspiration since morning and it is finally here. My post for today is inspired
by a story I just read about a girl that is complaining about losing a nice guy
she just met because he attempted to r*pe her. That is the summary of the
story. She also narrated how she visited the guy at his house many times and
according to her, they always engaged in oral s*x each time she was there. She
refused penetration, because she is abstaining from s*x and saving herself for
her husband. I think it is very interesting that a woman makes such a decision
and tries to maintain it.

However, my thing is, if you are
abstaining from s*x, why do you visit a man in his house and engage in oral
s*x? Oral s*x is also s*x so technically; you are having s*x and not
abstaining. Alright let’s assume you are in a relationship and you really love
this man and you just felt like being indoors, why lead him before a monkey
then decide not to give it to the monkey; that is just you looking for trouble.
Actually, you shouldn’t even be visiting a man at home if you don’t want to be
harassed s*xually. Stay away! It is true that a woman has the ability to
control herself and needs a good reason to have s*x. On the other hand, all a
man needs is a place where he is alone with a woman and his house is the best

Like my dear mum always says,
“don’t start anything that you know you cannot finish”. I personally try to
live by that in order not to expose myself to any risk. While it is true that
no man has the right to r*pe any woman and a woman’s NO means NO, it is also
true that a woman has to protect herself from r*pe. So the next time you meet a
guy and all you want from him is the company, try to avoid home visits until
you are ready for what that may bring. If you don’t want s*x, don’t encourage
it. Holding hands is enough to trigger emotions, talk more of making out.
Actually, only looking at a woman triggers s*xual feelings in men, it is that
bad! Therefore, avoid exposing yourself and bringing out the devil in a man by
abstaining from anything s*xual when you are really abstaining from s*x.

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