Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo: Police Parade Men Who Killed Former Deputy Governor

                           Late Nwike                                                Suspected killers
Indeed we live in a wicked world. The Lagos State Police Command, yesterday, paraded three suspected members of a notorious kidnap gang that killed former Deputy Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chudi Nwike. They were picked up in their den last year.

Nwike was kidnapped on March 19, 2013 and a N30 million ransom was demanded by his abductors who reportedly murdered him after taking N5 million as ransom.

Why we killed former dep gov— Suspect

Godspower Ovwigho, 27, told a bewildered crowd that his gang killed the former deputy governor because his wife was heady.

According to him, “we killed the deputy governor because his wife tried to prove difficult. We demanded N30 million but they gave us only N5 million. After the payment, they promised to give us more but did not. It was Rufus that shot him dead when the wife refused to pay more. Rufus is our leader.

“We held him hostage in a three-bedroom flat in Kokori town, in Delta State. When the negotiators brought the money and Rufus discovered it was N5 million, he drove all of them away. He, thereafter, charged into the bedroom where the deputy governor was and told him that his wife was daring us.

“He called the victim’s wife on the phone and asked why the money was slashed. She told him that was all they were able to gather. Out of anger, he shot the former deputy governor four times and called his wife again on the phone and told her to use the balance to organise his burial.”


  1. Wicked men abound everywhere but there will be no peace for them.


  2. Good grief..

  3. See their wicked faces metcheew. DERA MI

  4. what a wicked society

  5. When I read stories like this and when they say the Nig police parades I feel dey mostly look for innocent people to parade jst to make us feel they are working. Critiques imagine beating up an innocent guy to a crime he didn't commit in a lawless county like Nigeria dey will confess dey did it jst not to die a painful death. Nigeria police Una no try at all o,.......

    Jenny says

  6. Wicked souls

  7. This story is not complete and it makes me feel they did not get the right people because the real kidnappers also killed the two people who brought the ransom money on behalf of the family. Also, they were insisting that the wife should be the one to bring the money which made the family suspicious that it was politically motivated. very sad.

  8. Our Youths of today have sold their Souls to the devil. They can Kill, Rape, Kidnap, Rob, dismember human bodies etc., all with a view to display excessive affluence.