Photos: Woman Who Opted For Cinderella Surgery For Feet Regrets Action


30-year old Paulina says she had always hated her feet and
felt too embarrassed to get them out in front of her friends because two of
them were much longer than the others.

She opted for the ‘Cinderella surgery’- a range of
controversial new cosmetic procedures that alter the shape and size of a woman’s
feet to improve their appearance. After spending six weeks in pains trying to
recover from the surgery, Paulina says the surgeon wasn’t totally honest with
her, because he never told her it will affect the rest of her body, hence her
I can no longer walk properly, and only hopes I get healed
with time. People should think very carefully before they jump into having foot
surgery for cosmetic reasons. It’s not worth the risk just for the sake of
vanity, my feet are more painful now than they were before, she said. See more photos from the surgery after the cut.

Before surgery: ‘My feet were a huge size eight and my
second and third toes were longer than my big toes’ says Paulina
After surgery: Following her toe-shortening procedure
Paulina had wires in four of her toes for five weeks
Fairytale feet: Paulina is delighted by the results of her
Before surgery: Sonja hated the way her bunions made her
feet look

After surgery: Sonya can’t wait until she can show off her new feet in strappy sandals

Not so happy ending: Danielle warns others considering the
surgery to think of the risks, as her feet are now more painful than they were

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