Readers Mail: I & A Couple Of Girls Slept With My Friends Fiancé, How Do We Convince Her He’s A Chronic Womaniser

Hi Ladun,
Thanks for the great job you are doing with your blog. I’m a
27years old lady who manages a restaurant at Ikeja. However I am in a fix and I
need the advice of your readers on this one.
l have been friends with this lady(I will call her Sade for privacy
reasons ) from my teenage years, sharing many fun moments together. Sade wants
to get married now, however the problem is that the guy she wants to marry is a
chronic womaniser.

While Sade and this guy were courting, he made passes at me
(and I am ashamed to say this, we actually slept together) and a couple of
other girls I know.
I have tried hinting Sade about this but she seems not to be
receptive (you know what they say about love been blind).

I don’t want to lose my friend and I also don’t want her to marry
this guy. How should I go about this?. Your readers advice will be highly

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