Reader’s Mail: My Husband Made Me Sleep With A Male Colleague Last Week

Hi Ladun,
I have a problem and I need advice from fellow readers of
your blog. I got married to my husband in the year 2011 and our marriage has been
consummated with a girl child. Our marriage was working smoothly until my
husband got an offshore job to work with an oil servicing firm based in port
Harcourt last year June.
Ever since then, he hardly comes home. Most times he comes
home just for the weekend once in two months and even when he comes he hardly touches
me. I have spoken to him about this and he keeps telling me it’s because of the
stressful nature of his work. Continue below.

I am tired of having to tend to the baby at night alone and
things got a head last week when hormones got the better of me and I ended up sleeping
with a male colleague of mine at work.
Ever since this incident, I have been contemplating divorce because
my husband led me into this shameful act.
I would have loved to relocate from Lagos to Port Harcourt
to be with him but he claims he works offshore most of the time.

Please your constructive advice is needed on how to handle
this issue because I know this will not only benefit me but also several women
in the same situation. Thank you.

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