Who Have You Attracted With Your Queen’s English? Man Defends First Lady


His name is Gerard and he has one or two words for the
ladies, especially those that mocked the first lady when they said she made mistakes while speaking to the Principal of Chibok missing school girls and other parties she summoned.

Well Gerard has a question for them especially the ladies. How many of you have attracted a successful and powerful man such as the president, he asked. But hmm, I
don’t know about all the supports he claims she gave the president while he was in school tho. Good write up. His mail;

Patience Jonathan does not speak good English (We agree) but
she is loved by a PHD Holder, former Deputy Governor, former Vice President and
the President of a powerful nation.
Who have you attracted with your Queen’s English? You can
speak flawless grammar but you cannot stand by your man through tough times.
She was a tailor in Warri with little or no education, today
she is the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

(There’s God O°˚˚ ).

Wise ones will learn from her.
Interestingly, that is the Woman that stood by GEJ when he
was living with all his brothers in one room apartment. The woman that took GEJ
to her Uncle in Zoology Dept. of Uniport in order to help him get admission
which he got.
The Woman that stood by GEJ when
he had no food to eat and will bring food stuffs for him in school every
The Woman that used her money from
her business to help GEJ to pay for handouts and textbooks when he was an
The Woman that stood by GEJ till
he became the President of Nigeria.
Now, answer these questions…
How many of you ladies here can do this for the Love of a
How many of you guys can boast that your girl can stand by
you like Patience did?
How many of you guys prefer a lady that speaks good English
but will be the worst wife ever.
How many of you guys will prefer a wife that speaks good
English but will be your downfall tomorrow.
A wife that speaks good English but will make your life
miserable like hell on earth.
Is that what you prefer?
Many of you have left your men because they don’t have money
& men are in a big race to marry a big girl.
Then you stand and say “There is GOD oooo.
OF COURSE, THERE’S A GOD who doesn’t judge by outward
appearances or the fluency of
anybody’s spoken English.

Yes, there is God who is waiting for ONLY  you to waka come.

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