Artists Abandoned Kefee’s Burial Because There Is No Love In The Industry- Showkey

Daddy Showkey in an interview with Leadership Newspaper has
said there is no love in the music industry and musicians only pretend to love
one and another, but when tragedy struck, one will see their true colour. He
cited himself has an example, and how artistes shunned Kefee’s burial ceremony
which took place in Sapele.

You were at Kefee’s burial, what are your thoughts?
Nothing much other than I was disappointed that artistes did
not come to show love to their own. It is not a good thing. The lady died and
it is sad for her family. Musicians ought to have showed up and rallied round
her people, to show that they care. It was only the gospel musicians that
showed up, meaning there is no love in this industry. Nobody cares about you if
you drop dead tomorrow. I told you I was away for 3 years because of my spinal
cord injury. Nobody came to visit me during that time. No one from my
generation of singers came to identify with me and that is bad for a man who has
given much to the industry. This makes me think that we don’t care about
ourselves in this industry. As the Yoruba people say, Oju aaye ni a nse o
meaning, na eye service we dey do to oursefu!
Are you saying you don’t have friends in the music industry?

I don’t have a friend oh. This life wetin my eyes don see,
no be small thing oh! That experience is enough to make you cut-off, because
when they see me with money they associate with Showkey; but when Showkey had a
challenge, an accident- no one could call or say we feel your pain. So me, I no
get friend. My friends are those in Ajegunle that we can say the truth to
ourselves. It is only Pasuma that I can call my friend- he comes to my house
anytime and we chat about things.

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