Fashola Bitter Over Soldiers Yesterday’s Misconduct


The Governor of Lagos State, Raji
Fashola has condemned the actions of some military men who took to Ikorodu
express road yesterday at Palmgroove to burn BRT buses, beat up drivers and
even innocent Lagosians who were going about their normal day-to-day

The Governor frowned at their
action and says he wonders why public servants who are being paid with tax payers’
money should destroy government property and get involved in such illicit
As far I know, if something
happens to you while you are conducting an unlawful act it is a criminal
offence, Fashola said. Read his statement after the cut. 

”There is an allegation that
someone who was not supposed to be on the BRT route was on it. As far I know,
if something happens to you while you are conducting an unlawful act it is  a criminal offence.
“But it is really
disappointing  that public servants, and
that is what soldiers are, paid with tax payer’s money, will act in a manner
that is being  suggested.
“I am waiting for the  official report to let me know who played
what role and what happened. And whether the Brigade Commander has been able to
identify the people who committed the offence. If it turns out to be true, it
will be a very irresponsible conduct, to put it very mildly.
“In 2006  soldiers stormed   the Area C Police Station. We have just
managed to reconstruct it. If buses that citizens are complaining are  not enough are set ablaze, I do not know how
setting ablaze buses recompense any injury that one may have suffered. I do not
know how damaging public property is the restitution for  any injury that may have come. For now, the
only thing that I can say to you is that when I get the full fact, I will
address the residents, to let them know what happened and what the state action
will be.
“I have been in touch with the
Brigade commander, who assured  me  that he was managing the situation. Nothing I
have here is verified, I am waiting for a 
formal report before we can ventilate a position”.

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