Saturday, July 26, 2014

Ladies Night Out At Rodizzo Ikeja

The atmosphere at Rodizzio bar and restaurant was absolutely electric. Wednesday 23rd July, 2014 was the second night in a roll and the ladies were all looking take-home-to-mama (). Omo Baba No1 the comedian and his gang kept us 'alive' with their rib cracking jokes and the men in the house (C’mon…like you don’t know where there are ladies, there are men) fuelled their desire with some buzz.

Guys it was another Palmchat ladies night out and I must tell you the Palmchat sponsored night rocked; the lights, musical bands, jokes and interactive session, drinks-everything was perfect. You know how it is when you’ve had a not-so-nice day at work; your craving at the instant is something that will makes you happy- makes you feel special.

Palmchat have been getting ladies reacquainted with their special side every Wednesday night for four weeks in roll; girls get to sit out after work hours at exquisite bars and lounges, have a drink on Palmchat and share their experiences: photos, voice post and text post-you name it- on Palmchat.

Nigeria’s leading social platform believes every Nigerian woman deserves a treat because they are special, so why not join the train of extra special Nigerian babes on Palmchat and experience the new vogue in town…next hang out? Sure why not, see you at Rodizzio babe.

Palmchat is Nigeria’s trending social platform with over 5,000 daily sign ups and 95% active user rate; Come join us.


  1. No offence but all these girls here look dirty !!!

    1. Chidera, open ur eyes nah. D guy no lie. They all look razz

    2. Are you saying they look dirty because they didn't bleach their skin? You should have your head checked. Same thing goes for you anon 19:13

    3. You Anon: 17:33. It means something is radically wrong with you..

    4. ehen, lol. Oh well...Do you seek a serious relationship? TryBV HookUps