My Friend Says My GF Is A Free Giver…Do You Think I Should Go Ahead With Our Engagement?

Hi Ladun,
Happy new month to you and to all
LL Blog readers. I have a mind boggling issue I would like you to share with
fellow readers of LL Blog.
I met my girlfriend late last year
during my company’s end of the year party and ever since then we have become inseparable.
We have even set a November date for our engagement this year.
I was however jolted last weekend
when a friend of mine came visiting and while discussing he told me my
girlfriend was an “Animashaun” during her university days.
I confronted her about it and she
actually said it’s true but that she’s now a changed person. A part of me
believes her but another part of me feels Iike i got myself a bad deal.
Readers should I leave or
continue with the relationship? Do you think she will never go back to her past?

(Btw, ANIMASHAUN means a lady who sleeps freely with men, lol)

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