My Husband Is Pushing Me Into The Arms Of Another Man

Hmm ladies who think money is everything had better come and
read this. Got this mail yesterday night and I don’t know how I managed to
forget posting it first thing this morning. Through her mail, you could tell
she is a simple woman and all she wants is just her husband’s affection. She
even sent the mail with her real names. I really feel for her though. Please let’s
be nice because I am totally sure she must have been waiting for this. The
What do you do when you are married to a man who thinks all
a woman ever needs is money or clothes or cars? That is where my problem is
because my marriage to him has been like that. Continue below…

My husband never stays in the house, and is always in the company
of friends whenever he is not on one of his usual trips outside the country.
Sadly, I have a couple of male friends who know exactly what is happening in my
marriage, with some already making passes at me.
He doesn’t seem to care, and never hesitates to call me a
nagging wife each time I complain about being denied of intimacy.
I don’t know what to do because the other day, thoughts of
fulfilling my intimate desire ran through my mind all day, and the temptation
to have another man fulfill it was intense.

Please I need advice on what to do because I am tired of the
situation I have found myself in at the moment.

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