Prophet Ajanaku’s Wife Finally Believes Husband Is Dead, Says He Is Set For Burial

After keeping her husband in the mortuary
for 11months and telling everyone that he is not dead and will come back to
life soon, the prophet’s wife, Joy Ajanaku has finally agreed to bury her
husband. Even though she says his body is only resting. She now believes her
late husband lives in her, and in return they both live in God. But finally the
prophet will be buried on the 17th of July, 2014 after all the drama.
She also explained why she chose the said date. What she told City People;
How do you intend to move this
ministry forward?
It won’t be by my power or might
but by the grace of God of Elijah Ajanaku, I will surely move forward. My
husband is in me and both of us are in God. He made me to be close to God.
Though I was a Christian by birth but I was not born-again, I didn’t know whom
Jesus Christ is until I came across him. He showed and took me to God. He made
me love serving God and do the Will of God. I believe he is not dead like I
said. I will continue to say that. Continue below…

No matter who you are if you call
him a late Prophet, I will correct you immediately. No matter your position on
earth, I will correct you immediately. What you call man of God is not the body
but spirit. God said those that will worship me must do that in the spirit. God
has nothing to do with the body. If spirit can walk without the body and the
body can not do anything, my husband is alive.
Don’t you think his shoes are too
big for you?
I believe that since I am in my
husband and he is in me and both of us are in God, everything is possible. Even
after his body slept, lots of miracles have taken place. I used to say he is
not around bodily. If he is dead, no miracles would have been taking place and
many calamities would have befell us. The legacy that he left behind, God in
his mercy will let me sustain it. If he is dead, his ministry would have been
shut down.
What will you miss about him?
A lot. In terms of spiritual
aspect, I believe I still enjoy his grace. I will miss him a lot. Is it the way
he calls me… Nobody can use his tone, I find solace in the fact that he is a
man of God. I am not mourning. There is no mourning in the Kingdom of God. That
is why we are not crying.
How supportive are your husband’s
I don’t have any grudges against
It took you 11 months to bury
him, why is it so?
Well, Ajanaku himself picked this
day July 17. It is part of what I discovered in me. Its is part of his misery
that made me say that he has what other men of God don’t have. 7 is a perfect
number. Everything about his life had something in common with 7. I know it is
not a coincidence. It is divine ordination from God Almighty. Like his date of
birth, his house address where we were was number 17. All the tenants in the
house were 17. The land where we have the house was given to him. That was the
only land that we have on the street and why is it 17. The church address is 17
too. That is how God has been handling his life.

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