Reader’s Mail: My Husband Wants Me To Stop Using Birth Control Pills

Dear Ladun, I want your readers to help me with some advice
on what to do because my husband is driving me nuts.
I have been using birth control pills for quite a while
without discussing it with my husband maybe that was where I made a mistake.
The job I have is one I dreamt of as a child. However, I signed an agreement
not to have a child for the first three years of my appointment. I know how
much my husband wants kids, and that was why I didn’t discuss the condition of
the job as well as my decision to start taking pills.

Hell was let lose when he discovered that I have been on
pills for a while.
Our home is like a war zone because he wants me to stop
using those pills. It’s about 13 months to the expiration of the pregnancy
embargo, and my husband has asked me to either choose my job or choose to
remain as his wife.

I am going crazy now as my job and husband are both
important to me. I really don’t want to quit my job because my salary has been helpful to us. 

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