Saturday, August 2, 2014

Best Of Nollywood 2014 Nominees List Out

                                                      Winners from last year awards

Best of Nollywood nomination list for 2014 is out. Check out the nominees list after the cut.

1.  Actor in Leading Role (English)
· Kanayo O. Kanayo - Apaye
· Joseph Benjamin- Don’t Cry for me
· Gbenga Akinnade- Render to Ceaser
· Tope Teleda- A Mile from Home
· Femi Jacobs- The Meeting
Bob Manuel Udokwu- Dining with a Long Spoon

2.  Actor in Leading Role (Yoruba)
· Odunade Adekola- Ina Loju Ekun
· Niyi Johnson- Oritoke
· Yinka Quadri- Aremo Ite
· Muyiwa Ademola- Eja Nla
· Femi Adebayo- Fifehanmi

3.  Actor in Leading Role(Hausa)
· Yakubu Mohammed- Duniya Han
· Sani Danja- Byrin Zuciya
· Ibrahim Maishunk- Aduniya
· Adam A Zango- Ruwan Jakara
· Sadik Sani- Hadarin Gabas

4.   Actor in Leading Role(Igbo)
· Okey Bakasi- Onye Ozi

5.   Actress in Leading Role (English)
· Omoni Oboli- Being Mrs Elliot
· Ivie Okubaye- Black Silhouette
· Mary Lazarus- Don’t Cry for Me
· Clarion Chukwura- Apaye
· Chidi Mokeme’s girlfriend- Our Difference
 Ijeoma Grace Agu- Misfit

6.   Actress in Leading Role(Yoruba)
· Bimbo Osin- Feresisemi
· Yewande Adekoya- Kudi Klepto
· Bidemi Kosoko- Kori Koto
· Sheyi Asekun- Fifehanmi
· Iyabo Ojo- Silence

7.   Actress in Leading Role(Igbo)
· Ngozi Igwebike- Onye Ozi

8.    Actress in Leading Role (Hausa)
· Fati Washa- Bancik
· Fati laden- Byrin Zuriya
· Nafisat Abdullahi- Ruwan Jakara
· Asmau Abubakar- Hadarin Gabas

9.    Best supporting Actor (English)
· Sidney Esiri- Last 3 Digits
· Chidozie Nzeribe- A Mile From Home
· Ayo Maku- Being Mrs Elliot
· Kalu Ikeagwu- Blue Flames
· Femi Jacobs- Dream Walker

10.   Best supporting Actress (English)
· Mercy Johnson- Hustlers
· Uru Eke- Dining with a Long Spoon
· Evelyn Sin- Seven Rivers
· Rita Dominic- The Meeting
· Nse Ikpe Etim- Dream Walker

11.   Best supporting Actor (Yoruba)
· Razak Olayiwola- Sanbe
· Dele Odule- Kori-koto
· Muyiwa Ademola- Oritoke
· Tamilore Martins- Kudi Klepto
· Jamiu Azeez- Orofo

12.   Best supporting Actress (Yoruba)
· Biola Segun-Willams- Silence
· Fathia Balogun- Ina Loju Ekun
· Biodun Okeowo- Orofo
· Ayo Adesaya- Sanbe
· Odunayo Agoro– Osunfunke

13.   Most Promising Actor
· Jamiu Azeez
· Tamilore Martins
·· Temisan Etsede
· Sidney Esiri

14.   Most Promising Actress
· Ivie Okubaye
· Ijeoma Agu
· Jackie Idumogu
Oyinka Elebuibo

15.   Child Actor in Movie
· Olamide Davids- Black Silhouette
· Chisom Okusua- Mama Africa
· Elitim Wari- Apaye***(need to check)
· D’Kachy Emelonye- Onye Ozi

16.   Child Actress in Movie
· Carol Micheal- Apaye
· Toyin Eniola- Oritoke
· Chinny Okemuo- Onye Ozi
Pricillia Ojo- Silence

17.   Movie of the Year
· Apaye
· A Mile from Home
· The Meeting
· First Cause
· Silence

18.   Comedy of the Year
· I come Lagos
· Onye ozi
· 30 Days in Atlanta
· Our lucky Day

19.   Movie with the best Social Message
· Oritoke
· Knocking on Heaven’s Door
· Black Silhouette
· Our Difference
· Dream Walker
· First Cause

20.   Movie with the Best Special Effect
· A Mile from Home
· Aduniya
· Seven Rivers
· The Origin
· Ina loju Ekun
21.   Best Kiss in a movie
· Gabriel Afolayan and Jackie Idumogu-First Cause
· Majid and Beverly Naya – Forgetting June
· Joseph Benjamin and Ini Edo – Perfect Plan
· Monalisa Chinda and Lugo Tourton – Lagos Cougar
· Blossom Chukwujeku and Ini Edo- Knocking on Heaven’s Door

22.   Best use of Make up in a movie
· Seven Rivers
· Kudi Klepto
· Cobra
· Mama Africa
· Aremo Ife

23.   Best Cinematography
· Osunfunke
· Apaye
· Being Mrs. Elliot
· The Meeting
· 30 Days in Atlanta

24.   Screenplay of the Year
· A Mile from Home
· The Meeting
· Secret Room
· Render to Ceaser
· Silence

25.   Best Short Film
· Brave
· Wages
· Not Right
· New Morning
· Living Funeral
· Alpha Mum

26.   Best Documentary
· Fatai Rolling Dollar
· Bad Budgeting for Development
· Seeds of Growth

27.   Best TV Series
· Lekki Wives
· The Johnsons
· Dear Mother
· New Horizon
· Happy Family

28.   Best Edited Movie
· Apaye
· A Mile from Home
· Last 3 digits
· Silence

29.   Best Use of Food in a Movie
· Being Mrs. Elliot
· Apaye
· Seven Rivers

30.   Movie with the Best Sound
· Osunfunke
· Render to Ceaser
· Apaye
· Being Mrs. Elliot
· The Meeting

31.   Movie with the Best production design
· Being Mrs. Elliot
· Apaye
· Seven Rivers
· Iyawo Osun
· Osunfunke

32.   Director of the Year
· Eric Aghimien- A Mile for Home
· Desmond Eliiot- Apaye
· Mildred Okwo- The Meeting
· Dj tee- Osunfunke
· Alex Mouth- Silence


  1. Since this is about Nollywood I will vent
    Please someone should tell that Shittu girl on Naija Bites to stop using fork to eat Amala. It was so annoying when I saw it, I almost smashed my Sony 4k telly! Also they should beam the camera more onto the food and do less chit chatting over the food. Lastly, I like the short woman that tries hard to put the Shittu girl in line. She corrects miss Shittu when she pronounces Amala 'Phonetically' but to no avail. If you don't extend my plea, I will stop watching this show. I think they are on right now, let me see if she will use a spoon to eat Okro.

    1. I eat everything with fork and knife. I only use spoon for akamu. What is the problem? My grandfather was born in 1918 and I have never seen eat with his hand.

  2. im hapi for omoni oboli.her movie 'being mrs elliot'attracted sure she would winthen i wish odunade d best not yoruba buh i watch any yoruba movie i find him in.dude can act for africa.he interprets his roles well

    1. Omoni for me is not doing bad

    2. I also watch Yoruba films cos of Odunlade. He is good and cute. I wish tO have a night with him.

  3. Why do we have only one Actress in Leading Role, Igbo. Are there no Igbo actresses

  4. Is Femi Jacobs in any way related to Olu Jacobs?

  5. Do they have to create an Igbo category just to please these people?

  6. Oh yea, Oke Bakasi the only nominee in the Igbo category? Spear me the details please

  7. Desmond Elliot's Apaye is my pick

  8. To think Apaye has been on my shelve all these while and I never thought of watching it makes me feel sick

    1. Watched a couple of times; it is an interesting film

  9. Brave for me is the best short film in that category

  10. I haven't seen Lekki Housewives, but I don't think Dear Mama is a bad choice if I was to pick

  11. I haven't seen most of those movies though

  12. It's like Apaye is sweeping the stakes this year

  13. Desmond was really impressive with Apaye

  14. Brave is one of the most inspiring short movies I have watched

  15. Being Mrs. Elliot for me deserves it

  16. I watched Brave, so it is normal for me to be biased towards picking it as my best short movie

    1. Watched it too; great storyline with lots of lessons to learn

  17. The Johnsons won't be a bad idea

  18. A Mile from home is so beauTiful. The sound effect is ouut of this world. Great job guys