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How Ghanaian Singer, Joyce Narte Was Infected With HIV + How God Has Been Upholding Her

It’s such a sad story, but at the end she’s trying to live through it. Her story particularly touched me because she got it through s*x. Hmm, maybe she might have avoided it, if only she didn’t spend the night at a male church member’s house. Please ladies, I beg you, don’t ever, and I mean don’t ever spend the night with a man alone, except a man you have known so well. It’s just risky, there’s no fun in spending a night or two at a man’s place, it just takes away your dignity. Spend the day with him with another of your friend, in fact invite him to your home, let him come and spend time with you and your family.

Joyce story just breaks my heart. Joyce went to church on this particular day in 2007 and ended at a church member’s house who knew fully well he had HIV and insisted in making love to her without a condom. That was how her story changed. Though she’s living through it and married at an HIV carrier, not everyone will be as lucky as Joyce. Read her story below as narrated by her on DSTV’s AfricaMagic channel.

Living with HIV virus

I have lived with HIV/AIDS virus for seven years now. I contacted the disease in 2007. But I’m just a normal person. When people meet me and tend to find out how I’m feeling, I always tell them I’m a normal  person.

As a matter of fact, I visited a school to educate the students. After talking to them they were keen to test for HIV. I also joined the queue and got tested but it was negative. It means one must stay with one’s medication forever. Regular medication can make it read that way. It doesn’t mean such a person is no longer a career.

How I got the disease

I contracted the disease in 2007, through a member of my church. I was to spend a night with him in his house. When he removed his clothes, I saw some kind of rashes all over his body. I was terrified, as I innocently asked him why he was like that. He covered up, saying it was a minor skin infection and that it was nothing serious. But when he wanted to make love to me, I insisted that he must use condom. He told me that he didn’t like using condom.

However, when I insisted, he agreed but he never used it. He removed it while entering into me. We did it several times that night.  After few weeks, I became pregnant for him. When I told him, I was pregnant, he advised me to abort the baby. But I refused, insisting on keeping the baby.

He later warned me that if insisted, I would have myself to blame in future. I never knew what he meant until I was diagnosed HIV positive. He also infected other ladies in the church before he died.

Growing up

Growing up was in a very poor background.  I discovered my love for music and dance. I was very ambitious, passionate about my dance skills. All efforts to get help to go to school failed. I was vulnerable, most times ra*ed. I had to attend all kinds of events in my neighbourhood to exhibit my  skills in dancing. In my case,  there was no one to confide in. I hawked all kinds of things to make ends meet’.

Why she became HIV/AIDS Awareness advocate

I was driven by the need to help other carriers of the HIV/AIDS virus. This is because most AIDS patients are brought to the hospital when they are almost dead. Victims find it difficult to undergo medical test to determine their HIV/AIDS status.

I realised when people get to know about their HIV status at the early stages and they are put on medication, they wouldn’t die. They would live their normal lives.  So, I decided to use myself as an example. That was what motivated me to begin the campaign against HIV/AIDS virus.

Platform and the benefits

I started sensitising the people on the streets. I went to a business district in Accra, and my purpose of going to the area was to share my story, as well as sell some copies of my music which I had on CD to enable me realise some money to feed myself.
The first person I approached when I got there shouted, and never allowed me to utter a word. The moment I mentioned I was HIV positive, he shouted at me, and warned me to leave the place immediately. But I wasn’t discouraged.

Later, I went to Dacuma, another area. At the place, whenever there was traffic congestion, I would start to tell my story, “I’m HIV positive, you have to be very careful with your life,” I would start.

In addition, I had copies of my CD, but nobody was buying them from me. Some people thought I was lying, and that was when I met a certain pastor in the a traffic. I was moving from one vehicle to another, sharing my story with who cared to listen.  When this pastor heard me, he parked and was ready to listen to me.
Then, he was running a TV programme in Amsterdam. At that moment, he took my contact, and later, he sent me some money to process my International Passport. He told me that he had a TV station as well as a radio station in Amsterdam, and he would want me to come over there and share my story the way I did in the traffic. Without hesitation, I applied for visa and travelled to Amsterdam in 2010. That was how my story changed.

When she returned from Amsterdam

I returned from Amsterdam to continue what I started in Ghana. I was invited by different organisations. Later, I travelled again to speak on the topic “30 years of HIV, the way forward.”In 2012, I went for the AIDS conference in America.

Recently, I was in the UK, where I premiered my movie, “My Cross Roads” which captures my story. The movie was first premiered at the National Theatre in Ghana and it recorded a huge turn out of dignitaries. The storyline of the movie is basically about me. It’s a true life story of Joyce Dzidzor Nartey but currently, I have a new movie in the market titled, “Jewel of the water.”

HIV Husband and wife

Before we got married, my husband was educated about the deadly disease. But he is also a carrier of the disease. At the moment, medically both of us are negative to HIV virus. This is because we have been put on medication for long.

But that does not mean, we should stop taking our medication. Even though we test negative now, we keep taking our medication. We had one child together who did not test positive to HIV because of the medication.

Life after contracting HIV/AIDS virus

That’s not the end of the world for any carrier of the HIV/AIDS virus. There is life after contacting the deadly disease. The HIV virus can be found in the semen in the man, and not in the sperm because the sperm is what goes to form a baby. It doesn’t carry the HIV virus, but the semen is what contains the HIV virus.

So, HIV positive man who is on medication can share s*xual activity with an HIV negative woman, and they both can produce an HIV negative baby. You can see that there is life after contacting the HIV virus.

HIV positive man can marry an HIV negative woman, and they can still make babies without him infecting the wife or the baby, just as an HIV positive woman can also marry an HIV negative man. There are a lot of couple today who wouldn’t come out to share their stories, but who are living with HIV/AIDS virus. They are keeping the secret to themselves.

Marriage life

Marriage for me was normal but they say, in every marriage there are challenges. Things have happened in the past which I wouldn’t want to talk about here. Talking about the stigma, there was one day, my seven-year old son came from school and told me to stop that HIV thing that I am doing. According to him, his friends said, they wouldn’t play with him because his mum is HIV positive. There are challenges but life must go on.



    1. No be small ooo . DERA MI

    2. Ladun, the time of day or night doesn't not affect transmission of HIV. NOT wearing condom to protect oneself or abstaining from sexxx does.

    3. Ladun pls don't give any advice at all if you don't know what to say. Pls and pls. Same thing can happen in the afternoon abg

    4. God is a patient God

  2. Wow I never knew most of the things she's saying....I jst hope most carriers can see this nd knw being positive isn't the end of the world

  3. We have always preached against per-marrital and unprotected sex, but some won't listen

    1. Exactly, pls I don't pity her jare. And she's saying a guy in her church . Pschew no resistance whatsoever just pls use a condom

    2. Thank you God that you are nothing like this commenter and you have chosen to have mercy on this woman and given her the strength and courage to share her story. That same mouth you use to preach abt premarital sex, use it to practice the act of not judging.

  4. Who knows if she is saying the truth, after all the man is dead and not here to confirm if what she is saying is true

  5. lol..your advice is funny don't spend night with a guy.. okwaya?? but we can spend the afternoon ..even the man "u know so well" can have it..just get tested and make sure of his and your own status ..or abstain

  6. Stigmatization is the biggest problem people like her suffer

  7. Thought the western world said there was no cure for hiv? The same people are telling us cock and bull stories about Ebola not having a cure.

    1. Sad for you because illiteracy is a disease.

    2. Really sad for him. What a statement

    3. Jaiye,

      There is still no cure for HIV infection and AIDS.

      This HIV positive lady is just spewing nonsense.

      She still have the virus in her and she can still infect any one that comes in contact with her body fluids.

      The HIV drugs she is taking can only prevent the virus from multiplying itself. This is why her test is now negative.

      The drugs she is using can never kill the virus.

      She obviously have HIV but she is giving out a lot of misinformation about HIV.

      If you have sex with this woman despite that her HIV test is negative, you can still be infected with HIV.
      So why take the chance?

      Infact, her test that is negative is not the real HIV test.
      If the real HIV test is done on her right now, it will be POSITIVE.

      Her test that is negative just means that her infection is under control. She is not cured. She is still carrying the infection.

      The HIV can overpower the medications she is using at any time and then she will go into full blown AIDS and die.
      That is a fact.

      It is wrong and misleading for her to claim that HIV positive man can marry HIV negative woman and they can still make babies without the man infecting the wife without adding that the wife has an increases risk of being infected with HIV.

      If you know any one with HIV, never you have sex with that person even if that person has now become negative as a result of using medications.

      Using condoms can only minimize the risk of getting the infection, it can NEVER prevent the infection 100%. So, why risk your life over 2 minutes enjoyment.


    4. To Jaiye15 August, 2014 20:00
      From olu@atlanta:

      Also, her statement that her HIV test is negative to the virus is NOT true. It is false. It is misleading.

      Once you have HIV, your HIV test can never be negative until you are cured and right now, there is no cure for HIV.

      What her test is showing is that her HIV is undetectable in her body and that does NOT mean that her test is negative as she is claiming.

      She is also infectious despite her undetectable HIV viral load and she need to let people know this fact.

      She is confusing a test that is showing undetectable viral load( amount of HIV in her body) to one that is showing a negative HIV test.

      Her HIV test can never be negative and is not negative now.

      She is very ignorant of the disease she is carrying and she need to read more about it, if she want to be advising people about the disease.


  8. May God keep upholding you

  9. It is ok to tell us you followed your boyfriend to his house
    and got infected. Bringing in church's name in it is absurd
    Strange to sleep in a mans house who is not intimately
    involved with you in the name of being a church member.

    #God answers all prayers#
    Happy moments - Praise God, Difficult moments-Seek God,
    Quiet moments -Worship God, Painful moments-Trust God,
    Every moment - Thank God.

  10. Yeah... I watched her on djigbordi show on channel 154... very sad story. But she looks well... better than that! this pictures don't do her justice at all! And that's how I know the heart of man is desperately wicked! I mean how can you do that to someone! That's why we all have to be careful. God's laws seem very ridiculous, extreme and most of the time feel like he doesn't want us to have fun.. but in the long run... it's all to protect and guide us. cuz it's very clear on fornication.. but people still go ahead and this is what they get. I mean they were both in the choir for God's sake. She was young and naive but still... if she had strictly adhered to God's words...
    but hey, God is faithful still... she's here now, alive and healthy. it's even from her I heard that if they take their ARVs regularly, they can test -ve if they take the hiv test... don't know how true that is.. anyway... I wish her all the best!

  11. Compared to Ebola, Hiv is a walk in the park.

  12. It's not the time to condemn but I guess people hook up a lot n just have sex....... It's alarming, church member! Both of u no even fear God or ur meeting place? "Unprotected" and then pregnancy? Too much for me to take all in. Even husbands are not faithful let alone the sound of "church member"........ok o.

  13. But there is no cure. Once the drugs are stopped, the virus repopulate. So permanently on the drugs.

    1. Well its still better than no drugs at all

  14. Attend SCOAN, God is in control, nothing is difficult for HIM

  15. Ladun you're sooo damn foolish for the first paragraph of this story. WTF

  16. But, why would a woman want to sleep overnight alone with a man if not for sex?

    The reason is nothing but for sex. There is no point deceiving ourselves in order to be politically correct.

    If you are a lady and you don't like a guy to the point of sleeping with him, you will never agree to sleep alone with him in his house.

    You might visit him if you trust him but to sleep overnight, you will definitely say NO, except you are honey yourself and ready to mingle with the guy.

    My point is that this lady was ready and willing to screw the guy, that was why she stayed overnight alone in the guy' house.
    It wasn't as if the guy was throwing a party and she got stuck in the guy' apartment.

    Also, this lady must have been a very loose girl and I seriously doubt if that man was the only church member that she ever slept with.

    She could have gotten the HIV from another male member of the church.
    Where is the prove that it was this particular man that infected her?

    She was also in love with the guy and that was why she believed and allowed this guy with "craw craw" to penetrate her.
    Those "craw craw" on HIV positive people looks horrible and frightening if you have actually seen one.

    This lady also wrote that the guy that infected her also infected several ladies in the church before he died. Men, that is deep, really deep.

    I hope that guys who frequent churches for "wife materials" are paying attention.

    Most, if not all the girls you see in those churches have been passed around pastors and male members of those churches.
    This is exactly what this lady just indirectly admitted, sealed, and confirmed.


    1. Lmaoo! @ the last part of your comment! And the ones in the mosque or on the streets are being kept for marriage or not being passed around. It is ignorance that makes anybody think that all ladies in the church are chaste and decent. These days, you can only trust yourself! Not even the pastors or the imams or the revrend fathers, or bishops. Everywhere! So Mr. Olu, as much as I agree with you that lots of girls have thrown their pride away... but I can tell u that its everywhere!

    2. Olu, my mum used to tell me the best place to get a wife material is when you are in the university. I am beginning to believe her now.

    3. Guys, me I don't believe that there is a special place where you can only meet a wife material but what I do know is that inside one of these new generation churches is the most unsuitable place to be looking for a wife viz-a-viz the escapades of Joyce Nnarte and hundreds like her. It is just too pathetic what is going on in those churches in the name of serving God.

      But then who knows, your mum may be right.

  17. This is so touching

  18. I hope all these Aristo and runz girls learn from this. Having unprotected sex for designer bags and shoes.