Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Will Gladly Allow My Daughter Step Into My Shoes- Maheeda

I don’t know if I should call this an attempt at being famous or this is just really Maheeda. I know we have a lot of s*x addicts but Maheeda sometimes make us feel she is busy and all, so where’s the time to make love 4-5 times a day like she said in this interview. As a matter of fact she said a lot of shocking things that one might think, is she okay? Lol

In this new interview with Vanguard, it shows Maheeda has grown wings, more daring and said a lot of crazy things. Too crazy… And for the first time, I am culling a whole interview here! You really can’t afford to miss a line, lol.  The interview after the cut.

What have you been up to in recent times?

I’ve been bad, I’ve been naughty… You’ve seen Naija Bad Girl video and Lasgidi Chick. Now, I’m trying to see if I can drop one single before the end of the year. But I’m not sure that will be possible because I’m shooting the video in November. So, It could be next year.

What is the inspiration behind your “Naija Bad Girl” song?

I had this vision of what’s happening right now. Like I’m very bad, like I’m the baddest girl in Nigeria which is not true. So, my vision is actually to see my posters in people’s bedrooms and stuff like that. I want to be that s*x symbol one can imagine of.

Why do you want to be a S*x symbol?

Because it works abroad. It could work here too. I had my challenges. They are still there but there’s no stopping me because I know that for anything new you have to fight for it

But why are you leveraging on being a s*x symbol?

Because s*x sells. I want to make money and also, I want to make my name. It’s the only space in the Nigerian music industry that is just there, everybody is scared to tread on such a path, so I’m daring it.

You came back from Holland recently. What were you doing there?

I went to Holland because of my daughter. She’s about to enter High School and I don’t want her to go to school over there. My husband taught me a lot. He opened my mind to see a lot of things in different ways, so, I said alright foreign education would be very nice for my daughter. I actually sacrificed staying in Nigeria for my daughter.

What really made you start putting those videos online?

To attract attention. I knew it’s going to draw the desired attention to me. So, that’s why I did it and like I said, s*x sells and that’s just one of the ways to show it off.

What message are you trying to convey with your nude pictures and videos?

I don’t know if I’m trying to convey any message or I’m just doing my business. I think I’m just entertaining my fans. Sometimes, you add your personal life and culture and stuff like that to it. But for me, its business right now.

Do you make money from it?

Right now, Yes. I have this Australian tour coming up and they have already paid me. I’m not going to tell you how much but imagine going online to buy tickets. So, you know how much already I’ve been paid.

What does s*x mean to you?
It’s like food, it’s like shower. I’m trying to say it’s natural, it comes naturally. Your body would request for it. Sometimes my body would request for it like 4 times a day, maybe 5, maybe once but anytime sha, we go do am well

Like how much do you get paid for your s*x stuff?

I also do modeling in Holland. If you change the money it would run into millions of naira.

How about guys who want to get down with you and pay you for s*x?

I don’t do that. I do Modeling and Entertainment also, strictly business. Some people just want you to be a waiter and they want you to look s*xy, that also goes.

Have you ever been approached by someone who is willing to pay to have s*x with you?

Yes, a lot of them all over the world. But I turn them down because of my husband.

But your husband won’t know about such game?

My husband is a very nice guy and I think I owe him that, at least. I’ve done a lot that not all guys can really tolerate. I owe him that respect.

Do you believe prostitution should be legalized?

Yes, because I’ve been there. I’ve been with these girls and I know what they are going through and I’ve been to Holland where I think prostitution is legalised. I see the way they handle it. It won’t be bad here because it’s everywhere anyway and they’re not stopping it, so why not just legalise it and let’s just know its happening. I mean it’s everywhere.

As a woman, what turns you on s*xually?

Appearance, a little bit rugged and strong presence. Also, character is part of it. He has to have a good heart.

Is it a must for you to have s*x every day?

Yes, it’s a must. It’s necessary… If it doesn’t happen, that means I’m travelling or something like that.

Let’s assume your husband is not in Nigeria?

I’ll masturbate. I will use my s*x toys to satisfy myself.

Would you compare it to the real thing?

Not at all, it’s impossible. You can’t even compare wearing condom with the real thing but it’s necessary.

What do you consider your selling point?

I think it’s my body and now it’s becoming my life story also. People are beginning to really want to know more about me, about Caroline not even Maheeda

How often do you have s*x as the goddess of X?

Early in the morning, maybe late at night but when my husband is not in town then I’ll try the dildos. I have a lot of dildos, different colors and different types. I’m even thinking maybe I should just open a s*x shop, it’s even better

Are you addicted to s*x?

I love s*x, everybody is addicted to s*x. Why does everybody just think I’m the only one? If there’s no s*x, I won’t be normal. Everything will just be s*xy to me

Do you think there will be a time when you’ll stop having s*x?

I don’t pray for that time. Till I’m old, I would like to have s*x

How long have you been in Nigeria?

I just arrived the country this week.

Within this period, have you had s*x?
Yes, my husband is in Nigeria. I had s*x this morning.

Have you ever had a threesome?

I did that long time ago but now with my husband, no. I don’t want these girls to take him away from me.

What is the wildest thing you’ve ever done in the bedroom?

I was with a guy and he was really not good in bed. Suddenly, his brother came in, and I just had s*x with him as well as his brother.

Was he in the same room with his brother?

No, but he disappointed me in bed. And since I needed it and his brother was available, so I had to do it with him. It was one after the other. People see me as a bad girl now, but I think it was before. It was just unbelievable.

Would you say you love s*x or it’s just because of the money issue?

Don’t you love s*x? The thing is sweet. But what I’m doing is not because I love s*x but I mean, when God gives you lemon then you make lemonade. I love s*x so I use it and it’s all the same. That’s why it’s natural and it’s working for me.

You were once a gospel singer, why did you decide to switch over?

Gospel wasn’t really working. Moreover, inside me, I was like I don’t think making money in the name of God is really what I wanted to do. They try to justify it, that it’s okay. You can sing and make money in the name of God but deep inside me, it wasn’t working for me then. So, I said if I wanted to make money, let me just make money without carrying the Bible.

Does your conscience ever prick you?

No. If you look at my neck, I have ‘Grace’ tattooed there. That is what is keeping me going. I believe its grace. Even the pastors sin, so I believe it’s just grace that is sustaining me and allowing me to do what I’m doing today. That’s just what I believe in, and I try not to judge myself and I don’t judge people too.

What’s your view of religion?

For me, if it’s not love, if you don’t speak with love then forget it. I don’t want to be a part of it. It has to be love. If you want to kill me because of religion then I don’t think you have love inside. May be, it’s wrong but that’s my belief and I believe people should respect other people’s beliefs

Has your daughter watched your nude videos?


What’s her reaction?

She’s proud of me because the way you train your children here is different from the way children are trained abroad. In abroad, you have people doing soap adverts and they’re completely n*ked. They just hide what I was hiding also and it’s normal

What if she decides to do what you’re doing?

Right now, she’s under my care. I won’t allow her but when she’s up to 18 and she might say “mommy, I saw what you did and I want to do the same.” I’ll say it’s your choice. People have to make their choices. I mean my mom wasn’t a nudist or whatever, she was a very nice woman but look at me today. I’m not saying I’m not nice but I’m trying to say she didn’t go showing off all her body everywhere. Nobody even knew her but look at me. I mean pastors’ children also end up in club so you can’t really say because of what mommy is doing, that means the daughter would do the same. I don’t believe that.


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