Lady Who Just Quit A 10 Year Old Relationship Wants To Know If Her New Man Is Serious About Her


Hi Ladun,

How are you doing? I am an avid reader of your blog, great
job! I am a bit confused, dunno if my fellow LLB readers can help?
I came out of a long relationship (my first) early this year
(10 years) cos it was leading nowhere. Have been dating my new man for about 6
months now.

I just clocked 31; time is no longer on my side because I
have some medical issues which necessitate me getting pregnant in the next 1
year else I may have issues getting pregnant (never been pregnant before BTW).
My question is: How do I know if my man is serious about me
etc. Its been 6 months plus, but I have not met any of his family members. Is
that the norm nowadays?
Should I be worried? Should I start giving other men a
chance (dates etc). I am a one-man woman so I wouldn’t want to double/triple date.
Help!!! I need advice…(P.S: no need to abuse me on the 10
year relationship, I know now that that was stupid).

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