Photo: 8 Robbers R*pe Nursing Mother To Coma After Robbing Husband & Throwing 3 Months Old Baby Away

Indeed we live in a wicked world. Two of the eight robbers
who accosted a couple and their three months old baby on their way to their
village in Kogi have been arrested and will soon be prosecuted. The robbers
were eight in number and after robbing them of their cash and valuables at gunpoint;
they tied the husband to a tree and ra*ed his wife until she fainted in his presence.
The eight of them took turns in raping her until she fainted
before escaping with their car and valuables. As God will have it; two of the
robbers were later apprehended while trying to escape from the scene of the
crime. Here’s how The Sun puts it;

Tears flowed freely as people beheld the pathetic sight of a
middle-aged nursing mother whose three-month old baby was thrown into the bush
while an eight-man gang of devilish souls rap*d her to a point of
uncon­sciousness right in the presence of her husband.
The woman (names with held) who had bruises all over her
body especially in the waist region could barely stand unaided when she was
sighted at the headquarters of the Kogi State Police Command.
Sunday Sun gathered that the suspects waylaid the couple on their
way to the village, and dispossessed the husband and wife of their cash and
valuables at gunpoint. Then they took them in the family car to a near­by bush
where they tied the husband and ra*ed the wife who was at that time breast
feeding her three-month-old baby.
It was learnt that one of the armed robbers on getting to
the bush slapped the wife and forcibly took the baby away from her hands and
threw the baby aside. He pointed a gun to her head and ordered her to undress.
For more than two hours, the eight robbers, one after the
other, there­after engaged the poor woman in a marathon s*x while the husband
watched helplessly and the hapless innocent baby cried profusely.
Parading the suspects before newsmen, the Acting
Commissioner of Police, Mr Abiodun Odude said the family was travelling from
Ogugu in Olamaboro Local Government Area, Kogi State to Iga-Ikeje when the
robbers accosted them.
Odude said the victim (names withheld) a native of Ogugu
reported at the Olamaboro Police Division and stated that he was travelling in
his Toyota Corolla car with his wife and baby when suddenly some eight armed
robbers accosted them, dis­possessing them of their car, N6600 cash and mobile
phone sets.
The alleged robbers then bundled them into the vehicle and
drove them inside the bush about two kilometres from the road, where the man
was tied to a tree prior to raping the wife. Giving further explanation of what
transpired, he said the wife who was oblivious of their plan as she was crying
and begging them not to kill her husband. This prompt­ed one of the robbers to
give her a vicious slap, took the baby away and ordered her to undress, while
point­ing a gun to her head.
He said the woman fainted after the ordeal.
Done with their evil business, they sons-of-the devil tied
up the woman’s legs and drove away in the car.
After about 40 minutes, the woman regained consciousness,
struggled to free herself and walked to a nearby village, where she informed a
group of vigilantes, who later rescued the husband.
On receiving the report, a police patrol team led by Mr.
Mbang Eteng, an Assistant Superintendent of Police tracked down and arrested
two of the robbers, whose names were given as Vincent Oguche from an
uncompleted building, and Femi Simon, who attempted to run away, but was
overpowered by policemen and both of them taken into custody.
The police said the two suspects in the course of
interrogation con­fessed to the crime and thereafter led the detectives to
their hideout, where the stolen car, assorted guns and handsets were recovered.
The names of two other members of the gang were given as Friday Oguche and Joe
Agbo. The police are still on the trail of the remaining four mem­bers who are
still at large.
Vincent Oguche while acknowl­edging that he and the others
actually committed the heinous crime, explained why they rap*d the woman
despite that she was nursing a baby, saying: “We were not in our right sense
because we were very high on drugs.”
Femi Simon who claimed to be a native of Iyah Gbede in Ijumu
Local Government Area of the state said he was an unemployed driver who was
conscripted into the deal. He said he could not control his libido when he saw
his comrades-in-crime ‘enjoying themselves’ so he had to join them to have a
taste of the woman.
The police rebuffed the request to speak with the woman,
firmly saying she should be left alone on account of the horrendous ordeal she

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