Photos: Horror As Ex-Bf Beats P*rn Star To A Pulp

P*rn star Christy Mack is thanking God for sparing her life
after her ex-boyfriend whom she left in May stormed her house and beat her to coma
on Friday. Christy who is still at the hospital took to her twitter page to
tell the world what she went through in the hands of her MMA Fighter War
Machine boyfriend who is now on the run.
According to her, he showed up at her house unannounced
around 2am on Friday. Without saying a word, he began beating her friend whom
he met with her and then threw the friend out of her apartment. He then asked
Mack to strip and shower in front of him before descending heavily on her.

Mack suffered 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken
nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and a ruptured liver from the outcome of
the assault. She also alleged he sawed off most of her hair with a dull knife.
When she managed to run out of the house n*kd, she begged a
neighbour who rushed her to the hospital and War Machine disappeared.

He is presently on the run and there is a $10,000 reward for
his capture.

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