Photos: Meet Pixie Curtis The 2-Year Old ‘Instagram Princess’ Who Lives A Jet Setting Lifestyle & Has Her Own Business

Adorable Pixie has become a huge hit on the picture sharing
website where she has hundreds of photographs showing off her lavish lifestyle.
In one she sits dressed in shades and a sun hat, perched posing by an empty
pool at a luxury villa sipping at a non alcoholic cocktail with the air of a
millionaire actress.

Other images include her relaxing on a private jet, showing
off her bling and shopping at some of the finest luxury stores money can buy. Her
mother, Roxy Jacenko, is an Australian socialite who runs her own PR company
while her father, Oliver Curtis, is an investment banker. More photos after the

Her career has quickly taken off – in a private Helicopter

Her mom says the 2-year old has recently launched her own
brand Pixies Pix to sell hair bows. I wouldn’t say she is much of a help when
it comes to dispatching them but she makes up for it with her humour, she said.

“For me, my kids are on Instagram so they can look back
and say ‘oh my God is that me?’ and have a good laugh in times to come. I
didn’t start the accounts for anything other than a little fun to share with
friends and family,” her mom added.

Pixie has all the latest gadgets and goodies

Pixie hits fame after her lavish lifestyle was uploaded to Instagram

She has all the bling you could dream of

…..And even gets sent gifts by her followers

Pixie is a huge fan of dancing and even does ballet

She does not shop at primark

….And lives a healthy lifestyle of course

Chilling: Pixie gets ready to take a nap mid-flight

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