I Feel Bad With The Way My Marriage Ended- Juliet Ibrahim

28-year old Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim has said it’s
not her fault that her marriage didn’t work out and it has nothing to do with
being an actress like a lot of people having been suggesting. The actress said
people won’t believe her former husband was busier than she was, and somewhere
along the line they just missed it. She also said it could also have been
because they didn’t study each other well before jumping into marriage. We were
both 24 when I got pregnant and we got married, she said. Here’s what she told
US based Lawyer and Entrepreneur, Uduak Oduoko;
‘I call it a failure because I’m someone who likes to go
into things and tell myself I have to make it work. I got married at age 24, he
was 24 too then we were happy in love but we really didn’t get a chance to
really know ourselves. He was a sweet person and all, I got pregnant along the
line and we continued Not long after family members kept coming in saying “oh
no, she’s an actress. He’s a very soft person so he usually tells me what he
hears about me. Along the line, we just grew apart. Continue below…
On reports that the marriage crashed because of her busy
schedules, she said;
‘He travels and works more than I do. He’s a professional
pilot although he has stopped now to handle his father’s business. This is
something a lot of people don’t know, they think because Im an actress. I do
have time but he was more of the traveller, going out of Accra every weekend.
We grew apart and became more like good friends. I never wanted a divorce but
then we realised it wouldn’t work out there were so many lies and
disappointments. He hurt me in the process because I felt he was going to stand
by me all through,’ she said.  

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