Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lagos State Release Press Statement On Resumption Of Schools In Lagos

1. Concerning the resumption of all public and private nursery, primary and secondary schools for the 2014/2015 session, Lagos State Government supports the September 22, 2014 date, which was announced by the Federal Government after a national consultation on efforts to contain the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in Nigeria.

2. Although this resumption date is advisory, as education is a concurrent matter to be regulated by the respective Federal and States Authorities, Lagos State Government considers it eminently justifiable, in view of the fact that there is currently no known carrier of EVD in our State at the moment. Furthermore, the last individual suspected to have been exposed to the virus will be discharged from observation on September 18, 2014, if he tests negative for the virus. All public and private educational institutions in the State are therefore directed to schedule their resumption accordingly.

3. Considering the current situation report, it is clear that the risk of infection with EVD in Lagos State has been significantly reduced. Health professionals working on the outbreak are also in agreement that there is no reason why schools should remain closed beyond the 22nd of September, 2014.

4. In spite of the foregoing, the State Government has now developed and will deploy all resources necessary to sustain the capacity to promptly take into custody any person suspected to be infected with EVD, as well as safely test, monitor and isolate such a person for treatment as may be found necessary without endangering other members of the public.

5. We also acknowledge the need for everyone to remain very vigilant, as the disease still remains in other countries within the sub-region. The following steps will therefore be taken in all schools, whether public or private, before and after resumption of schools:

(a) Training and sensitization of students, vendors, teachers and non academic staff on EVD and how to avoid it;

(b) Identification of EVD Focal Persons in schools who would be responsible for surveillance and health monitoring;

(c) Provision of adequate environmental sanitation, including clean toilets and premises;

(d) Provision of running water and soap and encouragement of frequent hand washing;

(e) Sensitisation of students on other personal hygiene habits, like the use of handkerchiefs when sneezing or coughing; and

(f) Arrangement for prompt referral of any sick person to the nearest health institution for treatment.

7. In spite of the foregoing, the State Government reiterates that the health of all its residents is a matter of utmost importance and, if any reasons emerge for a reconsideration of the school resumption date, a well-considered decision will be taken and the general public will be informed accordingly.

8. The State Government salutes the health personnel and health institutions that have done their best to ensure the containment of EVD. Government officials will meet presently with those health institutions, which might have suffered adverse economic consequences as a result, and will find ways of assisting them to mitigate their loses and safely reopen for business as soon as possible.


  1. This is actually the first time the Lagos State Government and Federal Government are coming to an agreement on an issue. Ebola too has some good sides then. Lol

  2. I just hope this arrangement is not tentative

  3. A lot of parents are still scared to death about letting their kids go to school; but I want to believe the government has done all it could to curb the spread.

  4. Fashola all the way

  5. Now it's time to go and pay my kids' school fees because I thought I would be able to postpone it because of the October 13th date that was announced earlier. Thank God Ebola is gradually being curbed

  6. Hope both state and federal governments continue to cooperate like this in the interest of the masses

  7. Government should call a PTA meeting and lecture parents on how to prevent this virus before opening schools; that is my candid opinion

  8. I heard that a lot of private schools are mounting pressure on the government to reopen the schools because they don't have money again.

    1. Truly @ the pupils detriment......

  9. No one is saying anything about the nearly 400 people that came into contact with the Port Harcourt doctor. They are also not saying anything about the 50 people that escaped surveillance and ran to Aba to hide. The government should stop playing with words, singing about only Lagos. Why are they so quiet about Port Harcourt? I can bet that adequate protocols and equipment, if at all, have not been put in place by the government in schools. This is the same song that the Health Minister was singing but the ECOWAS diplomat was able to escape and spread Ebola to Port Harcourt. What is the rush???
    Nigeria is still on the list of countries with Ebola until two incubation periods i.e 42 days have passed without any confirmed case of Ebola. So it is still too early to relax and start dancing.

  10. If I were u keep ur children under 16 at home,I can't risk it..ill wait till october or even sef January before I send my child to school in lagos..