Photos: Man Who Orgasms At Least 100 Times A Day Says Life Is A Living Hell

Experiencing 100 orgasms a day may sound like the gift that
keeps on giving, but a heartbroken man from Wisconsin can assure you it’s much
more of a curse.
Dale Decker is a 37-year-old husband and father of two who
suffers from an uncontrollable condition known as Persistent Genital Arousal
Syndrome, Barcroft Media reports.
He first felt the symptoms after he slipped a disk in his
back and was on his way to the hospital. Decker inexplicably ejaculated five
times on the drive — and says the orgasms have kept on coming ever since.

“Imagine being on your knees at your father’s funeral beside
his casket, saying goodbye to him — and then you have nine orgasms right
there,” he said. “While your whole family is standing behind you.”
“It makes you never want to have another orgasm for as long
as you live,” Decker added. “There’s nothing pleasurable about it because even
though it might feel physically good — you’re completely disgusted by what’s
going on.”
Decker says the intense episodes have taken an extreme toll
on him and his family. He is afraid to even leave the house because evidently
no place is safe from his excessive ejaculation.
“If you’re in public, if you’re in front of kids — it’s
disgusting and it can break you real fast,” he told Barcroft.
“It happened to me at the grocery store and when it was
over, there were around 150 people looking straight at me — why would I leave
the house when something like this can happen?”
 But Decker ultimately realized that his wife, April, 33, and
two sons, Christian, 12, and Tayten, 11, are the ones who have to put up with
most of the problems from his pelvic issues.
“We really struggle right now as he is unable to work and
supply for his family and I feel like all the strain is on me,” April said.
But what hurts most for April is that even though her dearly
beloved suffers from endless orgasms and constant erections, he is unable to
satisfy her in the bedroom.
“It’s really upsetting, we don’t do things that man and wife
should do and we argue over things that should not be affecting us,” she said.
“Because he sometimes has episodes at night, we took the decision to sleep in
separate beds.”
“That can be very frustrating,” an emotional April added.
“You want the comfort from another person, particularly your husband, but we
don’t have that.”
Decker agrees that his problem has rendered him useless when
it comes to having s*x, something that makes him feel very guilty.

“Occasionally we will [have s*x], but it’s very frustrating
for both of us as this condition has left me unable to finish,” he said. “I’ve
tried reading about it, tried going to doctors, but nobody can help me — I
don’t know what I’m going to do. I just want to get my old life back — I just
want to get back what this condition has taken from me.”
“It’s clear Dale is really suffering and I’m sure there are
some people who will say that this is just in his head,” she told Barcroft.
“But it’s not — it’s a serious medical condition and I just hope he gets the
help he so desperately needs.”

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