The Many Reasons I Am Divorcing My Wife- Lagos Okada Rider

A commercial motorcycle operator, Hakeem Yusuf has appealed
to an Alagbado Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 23-year old marriage to
his wife, Munirat a liquor vendor. Mr Yusuf stated that he was tired of the
marriage because of his wife’s many extramarital affairs amidst other issues. On the other hand, his wife
admitted to some of what he accused her of, but prayed the court not to
dissolve the union. Below is how a Pm News reporter who was at the Customary Court
reports it.

“I hear some married women engage in extramarital s*x, but I
had never imagined my wife getting involved in such an undisciplined act. I was
embarrassed when my friends said they saw my wife and a man walk into a hotel.
“On that faithful day, I had gone to join my friends at an
open bar in the neighbourhood and while we were having fun, they started
talking about my wife,” he added
“I smiled and told them that I left my wife at home with our
children. But they insisted that my wife had just entered the hotel opposite
the bar. I therefore waited for over 20 minutes, after which my wife came out
of the hotel, accompanied by one of my colleagues.
“She was shocked to see me. I went back home and threw out
her belongings because I was very embarrassed and upset. Four years after, I
took her back after several pleas by her relations. I was assured she had
turned a new leaf.
“Before God and man, she always assists me whenever there is
a lull in my business, but I can’t stand her adulterous lifestyle. She has
never sought my help in most of the things she does, but she prefers to seek
help from some other men.
“When one of her male customers died, it was only my wife
who was informed. She stood as the deceased’s wife during the funeral. It is
even more painful when my wife says the man was just her customer, yet she
wakes up every night mentioning his name, with tears cascading down her cheeks.
“Recently, she told me she received an urgent call from her
sister and I believed her. However, when I called to know her whereabouts, a
man picked up the call, saying that the owner was busy. I thought I probably
dialed a wrong number until the man picked up the call again, asking if I
wanted my death certificate.
“I think I have tolerated her enough. I am fed up with her
attitude and I don’t love her any more. Our second child should be in her
custody, while I look after the other three children.”
While admitting that her husband caught her in a hotel with
another man, Mrs Yusuf said they had resolved the issue.
“Yes, it is true that my husband caught me in a hotel with
another man, but we have settled it. I am still pained by my customer’s death.
So, once in a while, I lament his death because he came to my shop a few hours
before he passed on that day.
“Since we got married, he never introduced me to his
relations. He doesn’t give me any allowance, but complains that I sell
alcoholic drinks. He is temperamental. He once broke a bottle on my head when
he saw some men in my shop, though he knows my customers are mostly men.
“It is true that a man, who is my spiritual father, picked
my call and rained curses on him. It was later he informed me about what transpired
between them. I perform my responsibility as a wife and I still love him. So, I
don’t want this marriage dissolved,” she added
The court’s President, Mr. Olubode Sekoni, advised the
couple not to invade each other’s privacy and obey the law.

The case was adjourned till October 9, for hearing.

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