Thursday, October 30, 2014

32-Year Old Man Commits Suicide For Stealing One Thousand Naira

Those of us who live in cities and have surpassed this traditional thing, do not know how God has redeemed us from this unbelievable tradition. Read the story;

A 32-year-old man, Mr. Simon Mbam, of Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State has committed suicide after he was tortured by some villagers for allegedly stealing N1,000 from a shop in the market.

The victim, who jumped into a pond in the area last weekend, found himself in the mess when he left his house in the evening of the fateful day to buy drinks with his friends.

While late Simon and his friends were busy sipping their drinks, the owner of the shop raised an alarm over a missing N1,000 in his carton of drinks, but no customer admitted to haven taken the money.

The alarm raised by the shop owner attracted villagers who stormed the scene and gave the suspects till the following day to return the money or face the consequences.

It was learned that the said missing money was found at the door step of the shop, but when the villagers who were determined to get to the root of the matter gathered, the owner of the shop insisted on knowing the person behind the act.

Vanguard further gathered that the suspect, who later confessed to the crime, was allegedly beaten by the irate villagers until he started bleeding and losing consciousness.

They demanded that he should be treated like a thief, even as he was fined two goats, two crates of beer and N5,000, which were immediately provided by the suspect’s mother (names withheld).

It was gathered that the village head rejected what the suspect’s mother brought, insisting that an additional N5,000 should be provided so that the matter would be completely resolved without involving the police.

This second demand by the villagers made the suspect, who felt humiliated by the entire process, escape from his captors and jumped into Aku Pond, which was not far from the market square.

All efforts to rescue him on time proved abortive as he drowned before his body was retrieved by the villagers.

Meanwhile, four persons including the village head, had been arrested by the police after the mother of the victim reported the matter.


  1. That woman is an agent of the devil

  2. Oh my God, may his soul rest in peace Amen. please visit my blog

  3. Do such places still exist?

  4. If she had reported the matter to the police in the first place, her son would have been alive
    very unfortunate

  5. Asin Ladun we don’t know the privilege we have

  6. Chai people says that poverty is a disease but i say a poor man is an angry man chai straight to hell

  7. How is this traditional Ladun? It's simply jungle justice. Kmt! See me thinking sacrifices and shit were involved. Those ones were just using style to extort money from the mother.
    Jungle justice doesn't happen in cities ni?

  8. Wonders shall never end

  9. Heyah...Olori Toluwabori

  10. Wetin he steal wey dem they demand two goats, 5000 naira silly thieving elders. They are the real thieves sef

    1. They ought to be stoned. Useless people

  11. May God forgive those elders and the woman in particular
    The woman had a mission
    If only he didn’t steal the money

  12. Wicked people. They must pay dearly for what they did