Thursday, October 9, 2014

Nikki Laoye Launches The 2014 #BuyACane Project For Blind & Visually Impaired Persons

Award winning singer and Humanitarian, Nikki Laoye has kicked off the 2014 fundraising campaign tagged "The #BuyACane Project", aimed at raising funds to purchase white guide canes, which are mobility aids for blind and visually impaired persons.

The project is an ongoing initiative under her foundation, Angel 4 Life Foundation founded in 2012 in support of the International White Cane Day which holds on the 15th of October of every year.

This year's edition theme, "Keeping the Blind Moving" will hold at Excellence Hotel in Ogba, organised by Nigeria Association of the Blind (Lagos Chapter) .

Nikki Laoye, who has an adopted blind brother herself, seeks the donation and support of the public in buying ONE white guide cane or more, at 3,500 naira each.

These canes are not readily available in Nigeria and most impaired persons can't afford them therefore your donation will help to purchase these canes and further support their independence.

For further information, follow them on Twitter: @A4LFoundation @NikkiLaoye or send them a mail at


  1. That's a wonderful initiative. Pray that God will help her to make it a reality. Y'all should not just comment tho, endeavor to be a part of it. GBU

  2. dt is very totful of her.....more grease to ur elbow....

  3. Kudos to nikky laoye I'm very happy to see this. Meanwhile the rest of the celebs are busy snapping pictures!

    1. Lol@ other celebs are busy snapping pictures. May God increase her. DERA MI

  4. Great initiative, I just gave, I hope others give too! God bless you Nikki!