Thursday, October 16, 2014

Photo: Eight Young Men Gang -Ra*ed Lady In Kwara State! 3 Caught And Paraded

The Commissioner of Police, Kwara State Command, Mr. Salihu Garba, on Wednesday said eight young men gang-ra*ed a young lady (name withheld) who lives in Ilorin.

He stated that the police had arrested three of the suspects and were on the trail of the fleeing five suspects, Punch reports.

Parading the alleged rapists and other suspects in Ilorin, he identified the arrested suspects as Kadri Rafiu, Sikiru Jimoh and Mustapha Nasiru.

The police boss said, “On Wednesday, around 2pm, a woman in Ilorin was gang ra*ed by eight boys. In the course of investigation, three of the suspects were arrested and we are on the trail of the remaining suspects.”

One of the suspects, Jimoh said, “It is the work of Satan which I deeply regret. Actually, seven of us ra*ed her. We have known one another for sometime as we live in the same street. Her
boyfriend, Tunji, invited her and we ra*ed her. Seven of us carried out the act but the boyfriend ran away. I regret my action.”

Another suspect, Rafiu, said he was not involved in the ra*e. He claimed that he was smoking when policemen arrested him.

“I was not involved in the ra*e, I was just smoking when policemen arrested and framed me up that I was among the people that ra*ed her. Honestly, I did not ra*e her,” Rafiu said.

The CP said that the police had arrested no fewer than 12 other suspects for various crimes such as criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of firearms, armed robbery, possession of stolen vehicles, being a member of a secret cult and theft.

He appealed to parents and guardians to watch over their children, wards or dependants and provide useful information to the police to ensure a safe society.


  1. What is this world turning into? Too many evils

  2. It is high time parents and guardians need to watch over their children. It is a pity some parents neglected their children in order to provide for them, but money is not parental care.

    1. God bless u Righteous man, Money has never been parental care and this is the knowledge lacking among many Nigerians especially the ones who are not very well exposed and educated.
      God help the heart of man, to be able to view wickedness against a fellow human as not proper and right.
      We all require the wisdom of the almighty as that is all we need to be able to frown against wickedness.

  3. Rot in jail
    Bloody criminals

  4. What is it with rape these days

  5. It is always Satan' s work,ignorance is never an excuse in law

  6. Thumbs up to the policemen
    let no criminals freed

  7. Please work harder to get others arrested

  8. Stupid people. They don't even care if she was infected with deadly diseases. They don't care about their lives. Bunch of miserable fools. Rot in jail

  9. Is the lady ok? This is extremely bad


  11. Why won't engaged in immoral acts like criminal conspiracy, illegal possession of firearms, armed robbery, possession of stolen vehicles,e.t.c it is so hard surviving?Graduates are desperately looking for jobs while some bloody illiterates are busy embezzling our money. Too much evils in this country and it is only God that can rescue us.

  12. Bloody criminals, please arrest others

  13. They need to rot in the pits of hell but not b4 they suffer in one of those horrible naija jails.
    Girls listen up. Nobody in nigeria cares about you if you get raped. No matter who it is. Your boyfriend or husband can rape you too. Ive had that experience. It has taught me to never trust a man completely with anything. If you have to be alone in a room with a man, make sure you are not too vulnerable because it is very easy for a rapist to overpower you. Try and look for anything in the room you can use as a weapon against him. If he gets to a point where he is ontop of you and you are struggling but you know he is winning, relax. Tell him you will do what he wants but you want to remove your clothes first. When he releases you, run. That was how i prevented a near rape once.

    My eyes are filled with tears as i write this. This lady needs a lot of love and counselling. To think her bf did this to her...

  14. Life imprisonment awaits you

  15. Life imprisonment awaits you

  16. 8 men,chai this peolple are wicked ooo,parent should be watchful of there kids oo,even when the kind of frnds they walk with!! Lauhrex