Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ice Prince Talks About Dating Yvonne Nelson & Why He Should Be Taken Seriously As A Rapper

Ice Prince while on the show with Olisa Adibua- The Truth briefly mentioned his relationship with Yvonne Nelson didn’t work because she was way busier then. He also spoke about why people do not take him seriously as a rapper compared to how they treat MI.

"It just didn't work. She is a very busy person. She was way busier at the time".

On not being taken seriously as a rapper;  "I know how to rap and I know how to rap real good. I don't care what people say. But I'm a musician. I'm an all-round musician. MI taught me how to write songs, arrange vocals and structure music. So I am more about making music, I jump on any beat. I hate to be put in a box as a rapper. I want to be seen like someone who can create any music.”

Watch the full video after the cut.


  1. So he dated the two Yvonnes...Women

  2. Seriously Ice Prince is my best rapper. MI is overrated

  3. I love IcePrince

  4. Dnt know if Yvonne Nwosu is wife material dnt bother denying it ice prince i saw u lot at ilashe. that chick has been around and if he is thinking long term he has to close his ears to the world cos pple are talking and from what i hear she hasn't changed much from her unilag days which is really sad.

  5. Ride on Ice Prince my man