Photos From President Jonathan’s Second Term Declaration Today, As Kanu, Okocha Lends Support

Here are photos from President Jonathan’s official declaration
for second term today which took place at Eagles Square, in Abuja. I heard the
event affected a lot of things as there was heavy congestion in the state. See
more photos after the cut and read his full declaration speech also.

Dear Compatriots:
1.            Four
years ago, precisely September 18, 2010; I stood in this Eagle Square, to offer
myself for election as the President of our beloved country on the platform of
our great party; the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
2.            Seven
months after that declaration, you elected me to lead this country with
overwhelming support from all parts of our Nation. I remain grateful for the
trust you reposed in me to lead our Nation through uncommon challenges in our
march of progress as a united and democratic country.
3.             Over
the years, the Almighty God has made it possible for me to develop a bond with
you and I am grateful for your support and understanding in the difficult
periods we have journeyed through.
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, our stewardship has not been without
challenges. We have had to deal with the wave of insurgency that has swept
through some parts of our dear country. Only yesterday, Government Science
Secondary School in Yobe State was bombed by insurgents, killing our promising
young children who were seeking education to build the country and support
their parents. Many Nigerians have lost their lives and property to these
mindless killings. Let me crave the indulgence of all present here to stand up
to observe a minutes silence in honour of these young lads who lost their
lives. Clearly, this has cast a dark cloud on our Nation but we will surely win
the war against terror. A number of young men and women have been kidnapped by
these criminal elements including our daughters from Chibok. We will free our
daughters and defeat terror.
5.            We are
equipping the armed forces and deploying special forces to engage the terrorist
and end this senseless war. We must protect our country. We must save our
people. I will do everything humanly possible to end this criminal violence in
our Nation.
6.            To
ensure the long term stability and development of the affected areas,
government has launched three programmes: The Presidential Initiative for the
North East, the Victim Support Fund and the Safe School Initiative. The
Presidential Initiative for the Northeast is focused on improving
infrastructure and economic growth in the region. The Safe School Initiative is
centred on creating a safe environment to encourage our children in the
communities to acquire education. The Victim Support Fund, a partnership with
the Private Sector, has raised about 60 billion Naira, which will help to
empower and rehabilitate victims of terror. I promise the victims of these
dastardly acts that we will continue to stand with you.
7.            I am
grateful to all Nigerians for standing with us.
8.            Let me
also thank the leaders and elders of our great party, the Peoples Democratic
Party, for the opportunity you have given to me to serve our country, Nigeria.
9.            I am
overwhelmed by the trust, confidence and support of the various organs of our
party, the Board of Trustees, the National Caucus, the National Executive
Committee, the National Working Committee, the PDP Governors Forum, members of
the PDP Caucuses of the National Assembly, and others.
10.       This day
affords me the opportunity to continue the conversation of development we
started together. We must develop our country. 
Infrastructure has been a major focus area of my administration and so,
we pursued the power sector reform to this point of irreversible progress.
Nigeria has undertaken a most transparent and corruption-free bidding process,
attracting global commendation. The on-going 450MW Azura Power Plant in Edo
State is a testimony to the success of this transformation.
12.       We have also
resumed development of our Hydro-Power potential, with the construction of the
700MW Zungeru Hydro-Power Plant, while construction work on the 3,050MW
Mambilla Hydro-Power Plant is about to take off.
13.       Our power
generation and distribution companies have now been privatized. We are firmly
on the road to guaranteed regular power supply in the months ahead. This our
bold move, is paying off!
14.       We are
committed to environmental protection and conservation and reducing
vulnerability to climate change. In this regard, we have embarked on a number
of projects across the country. Of particular note is the African Great Green
Wall Programmed, where we have released about 16 billion naira for
implementation. The project will create a green belt across 11 states from
Kebbi to Borno.
15.       In the past
three and half years, the water sector has witnessed unprecedented
improvement.  Access to potable water is
now 67%, up from 58% in 2010, while sanitation coverage is 41%, from 32% within
the same period.
16.       Major
developments in water include the completion of 37 Dams and rehabilitation of
10, with several others under-going construction. The flagship Kashimbila
Multipurpose Dam which is being built to contain flood from Lake Nyos in
Cameroon, is now at 90% completion. We have also completed about 5,000 rural
and semi urban water schemes.
17.       We are
reforming the National Urban Water supply programmes in 12 states, with 385
formal and informal irrigation projects, covering a total land area of 118,000
hectares, cultivated mostly by small holder farmers. This has yielded over 3
million metric tons of assorted grains and vegetables, with a market value of
about 45 billion naira
18.        Before the
advent of this administration, the Railway system was practically dead. Today,
we have revived the rail sector. The narrow gauge line from Lagos to Kano has
been rehabilitated with improved coaches providing regular services. The
rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt-Maiduguri rail line is progressing with the
Port Harcourt-Gombe segment as well as the branch line from Kafanchan to Kaduna
expected to be completed and fully operational by December 2014.
19.       Already,
work on the Abuja-Kaduna standard gauge rail line, is progressing. The tracks
of the rail line will be completed by December this year 2014. Upon completion
of the project in the first quarter of 2015, it will be possible for Nigerians
to live in Kaduna and work in Abuja. The Itakpe-Ajaokuta-Warri standard gauge
line has attained an advanced stage, with the track completely laid. We hope to
commence full operation before the end of 2015.
20.       Other
segments of the new standard gauge speed train network are planned, with
contract already awarded for the Lagos –Ibadan Segment. There will be more of
such modern and faster rail connections in the coming years. Already,
discussions are now at advanced stage, for the Coastal rail line that will
traverse through 10 states, from Lagos through the South-South and South-East,
all the way to Calabar.
21.       My administration
has successfully completed the dredging of the lower River Niger from Baro in
Niger State to Warri in Delta State. The cheering news is that over 6.7 million
passengers and over 1.6 million  tonnes
of cargo have been moved through this channel in less than three years.
22.       I am happy
to also report that our ports now operate 24 hours service, which has led to
the reduction of clearing time and improved efficiency.
23.       When I
assumed office in 2010, out of the 35,000km of federal roads nationwide, only
about 5,000km were motorable. Today, that number has increased to about
25,000km. We expect to complete the remaining 10,000km in three years while
initiating new ones.
24.       I made a
commitment to build two new major bridges across the River Niger and River
Benue. Today, the new bridge over the River Benue, connecting Loko in Nassarawa
State to Oweto in Benue State has reached an advanced stage of completion,
while work has commenced on the Second Niger Bridge.
25.       Beyond
these, my administration has concluded plans to re-commence the construction of
Bodo-Bonny Road with three major bridges on the alignment that will link the
Island of Bonny with Rivers mainland.
26.       Preliminary
works have started on my administration’s planned re-construction and expansion
of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road in Lagos to a world class
entry point into our country. Only a few months ago, work started on the
dualization of Kano-Katsina Road. While many Nigerians are celebrating the
marked improvements on our roads, I want to assure that it will get even better
as we move forward.
27.       In the
pursuit of an integrated transportation system, we embarked on the construction
of five new Airport Terminal Buildings and Air-field facilities. We are also
re-constructing existing ones. The re-construction upon completion, will lead
to improved passenger processing, increased cargo handling capacity and
enhanced Air-field facilities that meet international standards and improves
safety. These efforts have been met with global acknowledgement including the
attainment and retention of the FAA Category One status.
28.       In housing,
we signed the National Housing Policy to kick-start the framework for providing
more affordable homes for our people. We have also expanded the National
Housing Fund to accommodate more Nigerians. We have started a revolution in the
housing sector with the start of the Nigerian Mortgage and Refinanced Company
(NMRC),  a new initiative of my administration,
that will enable more citizens in the lower income bracket to become first time
home owners.
29.       Our partners
such as the World Bank group are supporting this with US300million dollars
interest free credit, while my administration will back it with over 100billion
naira in bonds. We are already processing 66,000 mortgage applications for our
young people. We have amended the PENCOM Act to enable the pension funds invest
in housing sector bonds. This will create a boom in the housing sector.
30.       In the
Federal Capital Territory, we are rapidly building a befitting National Capital
by expanding and providing new infrastructure, developing ten new districts and
Satellite Towns to cater for the ever increasing population. In no distant future,
you will be able to arrive at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport and
proceed to the city using the Abuja Light Rail. In addition to providing
durable health, educational and transportation services, we are also
collaborating with Organized Labour to build functional, affordable and social
housing in Abuja.
31.        Other
critical capital developments that are being packaged by this Administration
include the development of the Ultra-Modern World Trade Centre, the Abuja Town
Centre, the Jabi Lake Comprehensive Centre, the Centenary City and the Land
Swap Districts. This private sector driven infrastructural development will
positively change the skyline of the city and provide the required office and
residential accommodation, shopping and recreation as well as tourism and
entertainment facilities in the FCT.
32.        In our
determination to encourage much greater participation of Nigerians in the oil
and gas industry, one of the first actions I took, was the enactment of the
Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act. As a result of this law,
indigenous Nigerian participation levels, in upstream and downstream activities
of the oil and gas industry have increased by over 45%, thereby increasing
employment opportunities for our youth.
33.        We have
also succeeded in eliminating the long queues that previously characterised our
filling stations, through regular and sustained product supply.
34.       Gas
infrastructure to ensure adequate Gas to Power and Gas to Industry, is being
aggressively put in place. Over 450km of gas pipelines have been installed over
the last 3years. Another 2,000km is planned over the next 4years. Critical
petrochemical and fertilizer facilities have commenced including the gas
industrial park in Delta State, for which I am scheduled to perform the
ground-breaking ceremony this Friday. This will create millions of jobs and
make Nigeria a regional hub.
35.       In addition,
as a result of government’s favourable policies the private sector is investing
over 12 billion dollars in the petrochemical sector, over the next 4years. This
will surely create millions of jobs for our people.
36.       In terms of
gas supply, we have grown from less than 500 million cubic feet per day, 4years
ago, to about 1.5 billion cubic feet per day currently. Our goal is to attain 4
billion cubic feet per day, over the next 4years.
37.       We have
changed the face of agriculture. We moved agriculture away from a development
Programme to agriculture as a business. My vision is to create wealth for our
people through agriculture.
38.       We have
focused on encouraging the private sector to boost investments in the
agricultural sector. As a result, the number of seed companies rose from five
to eighty in the past three years. Private sector investment in the
agricultural sector expanded by $ US 5.6 billion across the Agricultural value
39.       We ended
decades of corruption in the fertilizer and seed sectors. We developed a
transparent and efficient system of reaching farmers directly with subsidized
farm inputs. Before our reforms, fertilizer procurement and distribution took
from the needy and gave to the greedy. We restored dignity back to farmers.
Today, 14 million farmers, of which 2 million are women, access fertilizers
with their mobile phones, through an e-wallet system. Nigeria is the first
country in the world to develop an e-wallet system to reach farmers with
subsidized farm inputs on their mobile phones. Several African countries are
now borrowing this transparent and efficient e-wallet system for their own
40.       Our national
food production expanded by an additional 21 million metric tons between 2011
and 2014, a record, exceeding our set target of 20 million metric tons set for
2015. The Dangote Group, has committed to invest $US 1 billion in commercial
rice production and processing. With all these developments, we are expected to
be an exporter of rice in the next five years. This will be a new dawn!
41.        The
benefits are showing on our food imports. Our food import bill has declined
from 1.1 trillion Naira in 2009 to 684 billion Naira by December 2013, even
with our increasing population, a reduction of 40%.
42.        Nigeria met
its Millennium Development Goal One on reducing hunger and extreme poverty, two
years ahead of the 2015 target set by the United Nations, and was given an
award by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
43.        To sustain
this trend, we are encouraging young graduates through the Nagropreneurs
Programme to go into commercial Agriculture. We are also encouraging our
students in Post Primary Schools to embrace commercial Agriculture through the
National School Agriculture Programme.
44.        My dear
people, corruption remains a big challenge in our national life. It corrodes
our efforts at development and at motivating competence in critical sectors of
our national growth. We have eradicated it in the agricultural sector and we
will surely eradicate it in other sectors of our economy.
45.       Going
forward, my focus is to continue to reinforce institutions, systems, and
processes to tackle corruption, and also to bring to justice those that
perpetrate corruption.  Through the Integrated
Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), we have weeded out 56,000
ghost workers from the Federal Civil Service, saving 162 billion naira.
46.       I have
directed ICPC to bring the perpetrators of this criminal act to book. Let this
be very clear, public officers must live by example, fully accounting for the
national trust and resources in their care.
47.       In our
journey to progress, knowledge is indispensable. Knowledge is power! This is
why my administration established 14 new Universities out of which 12 are
conventional and two are specialized Police and Maritime Universities. Under my
watch, every state in Nigeria, now has a Federal University.
48.       In addition,
over 500 billion naira has been spent, through the Tertiary Education Trust
Fund (TETFund) and the special NEEDS assessment fund on various projects to
increase access and improve the quality of infrastructure at the tertiary level
of our education system.
49.       To provide
equal access and opportunities in education and ensure that no Nigerian child
is left behind, we have established and equipped 150 Almajiri Schools across
the Northern states and the Out-of-School-Children Programme including
Specialized Boys and Girls Schools across the country.
50.       Fellow
Nigerians, our country was faced with a major National security, humanitarian,
and economic threat in the form of the Ebola Virus Disease, which arrived in
the country on July 20, 2014, by way of a foreign national, Mr Patrick Sawyer.
51.       Realizing
the imminent threat, I declared a national emergency, pulling states, local and
federal government into action as well as individual Nigerians to combat this
disease. Without the quick action of patriotic Nigerians at the First
Consultants Hospital, as well as the co-operation of Lagos and Rivers States,
where the disease occurred, working with the Federal Ministry of Health and the
co-operation of all Nigerians we could not have succeeded in overcoming this
deadly disease. Fellow Nigerians, we stopped Ebola together.
52.       Just as we
stopped Ebola, we are on our way to eradicating the Polio Virus in our
country.  We have reduced the incident of
new Polio Virus from 300 in 2010, to 6 today.
53.       My brothers
and sisters, to encourage entrepreneurship and self-reliance among our teeming
graduates, we have developed creative opportunities for enterprise for our
young people.
54.       Programmes
such as YouWIN, the Graduate Internship Scheme, the Nagropreneurs Initiative,
the 220 Billion Naira Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Fund and
the 3 Billion Naira Grant to Nollywood are empowering our graduates, the
creative industry and other young people to start up their own businesses and
employ others.
55.       We have
supported the growth of industry through policy and action. We launched The
National industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP), and the National Enterprise
Development Programme as key drivers to bring about our desires in the
industrial sector and to diversify our economy. Our new National Automobile
Policy is transforming Nigeria into a vibrant hub for the automobile industry.
Our own Innoson Motors is producing world standard vehicles, and Nissan,
Hyundai, and Kia, have set up factories in Nigeria and are employing thousands
of our people.
56.       Our support
for cement production is unprecedented. We have increased our installed
capacity from 16.5 million metric tons per annum in 2011 to 39.5 million metric
tons per annum in 2014. Nigeria is now exporting cement. We are moving forward!
57.       Our efforts
to create an enabling environment for job creation in different sectors of the
economy including the MSME sector, agriculture, housing and manufacturing have
yielded results. Between the third quarter of 2012, when we started tracking
jobs created and the end of 2013, 1.9 million jobs were created. To deepen our
success in this area, I have created a Presidential Jobs Creation Board headed
by the Vice President with the mandate to create at least two million jobs a
58.       My brothers
and sisters, our economy is heading in the right direction and our efforts are
yielding positive results. Our economy continues to grow at the rate of 6 to 7
percent annually, one of the highest in the world. Our country is now the top
investment destination and the largest economy in Africa, with a GDP of
80trillion naira (510billion dollars) as well as the 26th largest economy in
the world.
59.       As part of
its efforts to support inclusive growth and economic development in Nigeria
through the CBN, my administration has created and disbursed the sum of
200billion naira via the Commercial Agric and Credit scheme, 300billion naira
Power and Aviation fund, 220billion naira Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise
Fund, as well as 300 billion naira rail sector refinancing facilities at single
digit interest rate. We will continue to deepen the reforms in the financial
sector, in order to sustain the growth of our economy and uplift our people
from poverty to prosperity.
60.       Dear Compatriots,
I promised as President, that we would sanitize and restore integrity in our
electoral process, by ensuring that our votes are not only counted, but truly
count. We have gone to great length to ensure transparent, free, fair, and
credible elections.  Elections have been
conducted across the country with local and international election observers
testifying to their transparency.
61.       On the
international scene, we have advanced our regional, continental and global
objectives. We have strengthened our relationships with our neighbours and in
many instances supported them to protect their democracy, security and
stability. We are serving for a second time within a period of 4 years at the
United Nations Security Council. This is unprecedented in our Nation’s history.
My brothers and sisters, this is a growing attestation of our country’s growing
62.       In the first
quarter of this year, our country celebrated its centenary. To prepare the
nation for the challenges of the next one hundred years, I convened a National
Conference where recommendations and resolutions were reached towards a more
perfect union. We shall implement the report.
63.       Four years
ago, I made a commitment to advance the rise of womanhood. Today, I am glad
that we have made remarkable progress in this regard, trusting in the potential
of our women and reaping from their dedication and ingenuity. I believe that
any nation that ignores womanhood cannot achieve its full potential. It is in
this regard that I ensured that women were given more opportunities in
government, and I have not been disappointed.
Specifically, I doubled the percentage of women in the cabinet and gave
them more challenging assignments.
65.       The Nigerian
Defence Academy (NDA), is now admitting female cadets as regular combatants and
it is now possible for a woman to rise through the ranks to the peak in
military service, and become a full general.
66.       We must
continue to sustain the banner of freedom and justice that we have held high in
our country. I am proud to say that there are no political prisoners in Nigeria
today. No Nigerian has been driven into exile and no one will be, under my
67.       It is in
furtherance of a peaceful, participatory and inclusive democracy that I signed
the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill into law, to expand the frontiers of our
fundamental freedom.
68.       Let me
re-affirm that under a Jonathan Presidency, your views, no matter how freely
expressed, will not send you to prison or into exile.
69.       I am
convinced that I have kept my pact with Nigerians, and it is now time to look
to the future. With your tremendous support, we have collectively done so much
in the last three and half years, but to take our country to the next level,
there is still more to be done.
70.       History has
shown that the path of honour for any true leader is not to walk away from his
people in moments of challenges. We must stand together in adversity and
overcome all threats to our development. We must defend our future, for the
sake of our children.
71.       So many
things have inspired me in the journey to this moment. I want to appreciate
ordinary Nigerians, especially young people, for the solidarity shown to me by
contributing their meagre resources to enable me arrive at this point.
72.       I appreciate
the kind gesture of the Cattle Breeders Union, Miyetti Allah,   and the Market Women Association, who
encouraged me by coming together to contribute to the purchase of my Nomination
73.       In the same
vein, I am touched by the National Association of Widows who also encouraged me
with their widow’s mite.
74.       This labour
of love, from ordinary Nigerians, has increased my appreciation of your
solidarity, my trust in our joint destiny, and all we have achieved together
these past three and half years.
75.       Therefore,
after seeking the face of God, in quiet reflection with my family and having
listened to the call of our people nationwide to run, I, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe
Jonathan, have accepted to re-present myself, on the platform of The Peoples’
Democratic Party, for re-election as the President of the Federal Republic of
Nigeria, in the 2015 general elections.
76.       Democracy is
a collective action, energized by individual responsibility. Your mandate at this
time will inspire in me the strength to complete the good work we have started
77.       My dear
people of Nigeria, we must complete the task of ensuring that we lift the poor
out of the depth of want, and place their feet firmly on the ladder of
78.       In this
election season, I appeal to all of you, not to harm, maim or kill; and not to
incite violence of any kind. We must never forget our common bond, one people
from the womb of one Nigeria. Again I say: My ambition to serve you is not
worth the blood of any Nigerian. I remain committed to this principle of
79.       If you
believe that we must build a country that works for all, where the strong lift
up the weak, and not trample upon them, where the vote of every citizen
determines who governs or represents you, where the democratic space is open to
all citizens to fulfil their aspirations, irrespective of the circumstances of
birth, your brother, Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan stands ready to continue in
service to you.
80.       My brothers
and sisters, we cannot go back to the old ways! Our railways were allowed to
rot in neglect, we have revived and are modernising them.
81.       Our road
infrastructure collapsed. We are reconstructing, and expanding federal roads
across the country.
82.       Our airport
terminal buildings were dilapidated and our airspace unsafe. We are fixing
83.        Our
agricultural practices did not benefit our farmers and our people.  Fertilizer distribution was a major source of
fraud and we were importing more food than our budget could support. Now we are
on our way to self-sufficiency in food production.
84.       We cannot go
back to the old ways, where there were long queues at our filling stations due
to irregular supply of products and our people were exploited.
85.       We cannot go
back to the old ways, when women and youths were denied opportunities in
government and in responsible positions.
86.        We had
skewed distribution of tertiary institutions. Whereas some states had more than
one degree awarding institution, some had none. We have now made sure all
states have at least one Federal University.

87.        Our economy
is now the largest in Africa. Once, we were virtually importing everything, now
we are exporting several products, including cement.

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