Again, Benson Okonkwo Boasts About Being S*xy, Blasts Nigerians For Being Hypocrites

Benson Okonkwo has granted an interview with The Sun Newspaper where he boasted about being the s*xiest man in Nollywood and also
blasted Nigerians saying they are nothing but hypocrites for criticizing his
movies but enjoy p*rn behind closed doors.
What is that thing about you that made you win S*xiest Man
award twice?
First of all I want to give all the glory to God and my fans
for voting for me. I am a very s*xy man as you can see. Let me say that I have
always been s*xy. I started to model at the age of 16 and I did stuff for
platforms like Zain, Nestle, and Gold Circle Condoms to mention a few. Continue…

I had
done loads of commercial jobs before hitting Nollywood and guess what, I don’t
do runway; I am strictly commercial. I have always been s*xy. I started winning
the award in secondary school. It’s something you cannot take away from me. The
word s*xy lives with me.
Until the gay movies came along you weren’t really popular…

You know Nigerians and their mentality. A lot of Nigerians
are Hippocrates; they enjoy p*rn but pretend about it. It is not like I am
supporting the injection of p*rn into Nollywood but what I am saying is that we
should stop pretending and I am going to be very blunt about this because I
love saying my mind no matter whose ox is gored. These Nigerians have p*rn on
their phones and they enjoy all these things behind closed doors but then, they
come out and criticise us. Please Nigerians, the movies I did were just movies;
I was only acting. This is Benson Okonkwo and I am talking straight. I am an
actor and my ability to interpret any role given to me is what makes me the
Benson Okonkwo that I am today.

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