Bode George Orchestrated My Defeat- Obanikoro, As George Calls Him A Rude Boy


The war between Musiliu Obanikoro and that of Bode George
seems to have gone out of hands as both men who addressed the press separately have called for each other’s head. According to Koro who just lost in the party’s gubernatorial elections for the party’s ticket, Chief George orchestrated his defeat and made Jim Agbaje won.

Bode George who also addressed a set of press separately, said Obanikoro is nothing but a rude person.  In his words, Obanikoro is a rude boy, whom I brought to PDP myself. 
Obanikoro addressing the press; “The entire primary was a sham. I still cannot comprehend
how accredited delegates of 806 will turn out to be 868. To be honest with you,
with the benefit of hindsight, you can tell that the outcome was predetermined.
“The path of fraudulent electoral success is condemnable and
we intend to fight this. There is an opportunity to appeal and I hope the party
will do the right thing. Bode George has been the major problem as far as this
party is concerned and there is no doubt in my mind that he supervised this
electoral malpractice.
“How do you explain the panel chairman arriving in Lagos by
10am and not starting the election until about 5pm? There are so many things
that you can look at, like the pronouncements made by Bode George, Ogunlewe and
others. One of the reasons why this party has failed in Lagos is because it is
being led by the likes of Bode George and Ogunlewe.
“In 2006 during the primary, Bode George manipulated the
same way to produce Hilda (widow of the slain governorship aspirant, Funsho
Williams) as the winner until common sense prevailed. We submitted ourselves to
a process that we thought would be free and fair but unfortunately, they
decided to play religious politics and manipulation of electoral process,
particularly on the election day.”
“Bode George brought thugs to come and harass and intimidate
delegates at the primary. I was not even at the primary when the violence
started but it was Bode George’s people. One of them even stabbed a nephew of
mine during the selection of delegates. This is known to the police. One of
them was arrested at the Mainland. He shot at people. They perpetrate violence
and then run to his house for cover.”
Chief Bode George;
“I don’t want to lose my anger but I hate it when people
don’t have respect for elders, no respect for others and think that they alone
have the right to be there. The day he lobbied to be minister, he brought
Adebayo Alao-Akala to my office to prostrate and beg me because they did
election here in my compound and he was not selected. He had just one vote.
“Humility and civility are the tenets of growth. How can he
say the election was a fight between him and myself? This was a boy that was
born in 1960. If I did not go to school, I would have had him as my son. He has
the nerves to say he is fighting me.

“I brought him (Obanikoro). He joined the party here. If he
has many types of apparels, he will never have as many rags as us. That
experience is inborn. The Bible and Quran say respect your parents so that your
days may be long.”

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