Check Out Very Disturbing Photos Of A Guy Who Spent $150,000 Just To Look Like Kim K


If I say the world is gradually coming to an end, some of
you will say, I am old school, too religious, not exposed bla, bla, bla lol.
The truth is the world is truly coming to an end,  lol or what do you make out  of a 23 year old man wanting to look like a
33-year old female? Duh!!

23-year old Jordan James Parke became really famous
yesterday when his photos hit the net after revealing he has spent a whopping
$150,000 to look like his reality idol, Kim Kardashian. Jordan had a lip and
cheek fillers, eyebrow tattoos, laser hair removal and botox all done. As a
matter of fact he has undergone over 50 cosmetic procedures to look the way he
is now. See more photos of him after the cut. 

His response to people hating on him;

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