Don’t Go Into Music Because Of Fame & Money- Essence Tells Younger Acts


It’s been long we heard from her, but she is definitely still
very much in the game! According to Essence she’s enjoying herself working hard
on a new album, which she’s yet to name, but she can tell us for free it’s
something we would all love because it’s strictly an R&B album.

While speaking with a Leadership reporter, she advised
younger acts not to get into music because of fame and money, and also used the
opportunity to ‘hint’ she’s no longer with kennis music, but they are one big
family. She really didn’t want to say it, but we got it, lol. Nice one Essence,
it’s good to always be grateful! Continue below…
What would be you message to upcoming artistes who aspire to
get to your level as musicians?
First of all, have the calling. Let me put it that way
because the calling comes with passion. It’s not all rosy neither is it fun and
games, it’s serious work and if you don’t have the capacity, which is the
passion to push through, then you’ll fall by the way side. Don’t come because
you want to blow or be famous or that you want people to scream your name. It’s
doesn’t work that way.
Are you still with Kennis Music?
We are family
I mean are they still in touch with your music?

Ah ah…does your father talk to you? (Laughter) you don’t
know what family means? Even if a child grows old and goes to London, the
father will say, hey…you come here. We are family. There’s no break up, no
dividing, we are one, I’m still with Kennis Music. That’s why I used the word
family because we use business eye to look at things. People fall out and all
of that and it’s permanent goodbye but in family the bond is still there.

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