Dr. M.K. Hassan Fires Back At PDP For Calling Buhari A Semi-Illiterate

                                              Prof. Wale Oladipo, PDP National Secretary
 Dr. M.K, a Nigerian who resides in Washington D.C. has fired
back at Professor Wale Oladipo, secretary of the People’s Democratic Party, for
calling APC’s presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari a semi illiterate. Dr.
M.K who sounded very furious in his write up has this to say;
On a lighter note, I am glad we are grown to witness these
happenings in Nigeria now. I remember when all these ‘dramas’ were on years
back, we had look aside and say, what are these people saying?. But then, see
what we have been missing. May the right candidate win, lol. Too much to deal
with! Chai…
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A Rejoinder to ‘Semi-Illiterate’ PDP Secretary Prof. Wale
Oladipo by Dr. M.K. Hassan

I was shocked to read a press statement from Wadata Plaza
issued by a so called Professor Wale Oladipo, secretary of the PDP, saying that
General Muhammadu Buhari is a semi illiterate jackboot. It is no wonder that
our education system has fallen so low, else how can one explain a professor
making such a statement? How did Wale Oladipo become a professor to start with?
It is quite astonishing that he can say this. The professor doesn’t seem to
understand the basic rudiments of learning and what it means for one to be
literate or not.
Buhari attended the best military schools in the world. In
case the professor doesn’t know, Buhari graduated as a military officer
(Lieutenant) in Royal Military Academy, Aldeshot UK. He attended the Defense
College India. Col Buhari attended the US Army War College Carlisle in
Pennsylvania from 1979 -1980 and earned his command as a Brigadier General. The
respected General Collin Powel attended the same school in 1976 to become
Brigadier General. Some of Buhari’s classmates include General Beltson, General
Thomas P Carney, General Bill Matz, General David E.K. Cooper etc. all of them
are alive and can be reached and they will give glowing tributes of the man,
Buhari, they know as their classmate.
The curriculum at the U.S. Army War College earns one a
Masters Degree in Strategic Studies and that is what Buhari has.
Anyone interested in verifying Buhari’s academic credentials
can write the school instead of reading jargon from a deranged Wadata Plaza
Professor of Politics of Destruction Party (PDP). I have checked Google Scholar
hoping that Prof. Wale Oladipo’s name and publications will show up but nothing
is showing up, that says a lot about him as a Professor than Buhari as a
retired decorated General who served his country so well and has not claimed
any scholarship.
For somebody to claim that a graduate of such a prestigious
school is semi-illiterate, means something is very wrong with that person’s
brain. By all academic and military standards, Buhari’s education is superb and
the best any general can get in the world. Therefore, for Wale Oladipo to claim
Buhari is semi-illiterate speaks volumes about his understanding of what
education is even all about. The unlearned professor thinks education is about
earning paper degrees only, and even if it was the case, Buhari has them from
the most respected military institutions in the world.
General Muhammadu Buhari has the kind of military strategic
education and experience to deal a decisive blow on Boko Haram and end the
insecurity challenges facing Nigeria. Buhari is the only army officer with the
opportunity to command 3 out of 4 Nigeria’s army divisions as a GOC.
In 1983, when rebels from Chad took over our land, seizing
more than 19 villages (much like what the Boko Haram is doing now), Major
General Buhari led a successful operation as the GOC to push back the Chadian
rebels and reclaim our territory.
In 1984, when the Maitatsine sect decided to declare war on
Nigeria like what Boko Haram is doing now, Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari
wasted no time in crushing them. Boko Haram is a descendant of the Maitatsine
sect with the same extremist ideology and anti-western education philosophy. It
is surely President Buhari that will be able to handle them: eliminating these
terrorists when he comes to power like he did before. Muhammadu Buhari as a
captain fought in the Congo Civil War and won the Congo Medal. He was there
during our civil war to bring peace and keep Nigeria one. That is true patriot:
a man that gave his life to another country not only his fatherland.
Since the goons in Wadata Plaza have started the literacy
debate, it is very appropriate to ask them that they produce Dr. Goodluck
Jonathan’s Ph.D thesis and publications in renowned journals. Goodluck’s
speeches, attitude, and interviews with international media don’t portray him
as a Ph.D holder. His past interview with Christiane Amanpour was quite
embarrassing; he couldn’t even make eye contact with her. Nigerians are eager
to read his thesis and publications.
In conclusion, it is obvious to all Nigerians that the PDP
government and its illiterate professor are only interested in playing dirty
politics with the lives and properties of Nigerians. Nigerians now need Buhari,
a man with international military education and experience, a seasoned
administrator with zero tolerance for corruption to end this insecurity, bring
prosperity, and place Nigeria at the seat it deserves in the comity of nations.
Dr. MK Hassan writes in from Washington D.C.

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