How Woman, Boyfriend, Four Children, Lived At Home With Decaying Dead Babies For Years

A mum in America has been charged with two counts of murder
after the remains of three babies were found in the filthy, vermin-infested home
she shared with her boyfriend and four other children. Erika Murray, 31, was charged with foetal death concealment,
witness intimidation and permitting substantial injury to a child.
Her boyfriend, Ray Rivera, is charged with offences
including assault and battery on a child and reckless endangerment of a child.

Prosecutors described the horrific conditions that four
children – aged from six months to 13 years – were found alive in at the house.
Authorities said there were piles of dirty diapers, rubbish
strewn everywhere, and remains of dead animals. The children were removed from
the address in August after a 10-year-old boy went to a neighbour’s house, and
asked for help in quieting a crying baby.
The neighbour allegedly discovered a severely neglected
six-month-old baby covered in excrement, and a three-year-old child.
After the older children were interviewed, police searched
the house in Massachusetts, where they discovered the remains of three babies.

Charges have been brought for the murder of two of the
babies – one who was wearing a onesie, and the other who was in a diaper.
It is believed that the third dead infant still had its
placenta attached, and Murray has therefore not been charged with its murder.
She is being held on $1million bail after pleading not
guilty to the offences she was first charged with. Murray is yet to enter pleas
to the murder charge.
The prosecutor said in court that DNA proves Rivera is also
the father of all seven children that lived in the home, and quoted a
paediatrician as saying this was worst case of extreme neglect she has ever
The judge set bail for Rivera at $100,000 – he denies all
the charges against him.
The house that the couple shared was condemned and has since
been demolished.

                                                            Her boyfriend and the kids dad

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