Male Reader Wants To Know If He Can Love Again After Two Women Disappointed Him

I’m an ardent reader and i will like to share my story with
you since a problem shared is a problem half solved.
I’m a 30 years old man, i started dating a girl in August
2008 (she’s igbo and i’m yoruba) we live in the same estate and the
relationship was the best time of my life until one day, not long into the
relationship i was planning to move to my own apartment since i was staying
with parents as i walking her home she told me we should call the relationship
quit after about 1 year, i asked her why and she said because i was moving, i
explained to her that we would always visit each other but she said No, so i
left her and went home feeling bad, i didn’t even sleep that night.

To cut the long story short she apologized and we were back
together, not long after she moved to Enugu from Lagos to stay with her sister
and we only talked on phone because of my work, all of a sudden she broke up
with me again for no reason, in fact she broke up with me 3 times without
stating any reason and came back begging me by herself (thought she was still a
virgin), when she did it the 4th time, i had fell out of Love with her, the
passion was gone.
I had wasted over 3 years with this girl and i felt used so
one night i came back from work and went to a bar alone to get drunk, i met a
girl and we had s*x that night, my x called me after then and started begging
me again but i said this time it’s over for good but unknown to me the girl i
had s*x with was pregnant but didn’t tell me, when she was 7 months pregnant
her mother called me to break the news to me, i was sad because she didn’t tell
me for 7 months that she has been pregnant and secondly she was a rebound girl
i never Loved her.
She gave birth to twins(2 boys) though i have a good job but
it would have been better to have the kids with the one i Loved, i later found
out that she was a promiscuous girl that sleeps around and to my greatest
surprise she is also a clepto whom i have bailed out of different situations
which made me to take my kids away from her to my parents whom have been taking
better care of them though i pay all their bills conveniently (in fact i’m happy
i had those kids, they are amazing and people always commend me when they see
me with them especially in their school)
Now i find it hard to forgive the mother of my kids for not
telling me initially and also my girlfriend for all she did to me (though she
said it was due to tribal difference) but i find it hard to meet nice girls
plus i don’t know if i can Love again, i need help.

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